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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World , North America
    Style : Electro Dub , Dub , Reggae , Dancehall
    Sortie : 2010

    From Official Site :
    Bass Heavy Remixes and Dub Versions of the Complete Dub Side of the Moon

    Following another celebrated run of global touring, the Easy Star All-Stars are geared up to release Dubber Side of the Moon on October 26. Inspired by the burgeoning dub step scene and dub visionaries such as On-U Sound’s Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor, the Easy Star All-Stars have compiled the ultimate remix collection of their much lauded reggae smash Dub Side of The Moon. Each track features a unique dub producer exploring spaced-out reggae and bass-heavy remixes of the original Dub Side of the Moon – a reggae tribute to Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon. Dubber Side also includes 4 bonus remixes (as well as 2 additional bonus tracks exclusive to the iTunes release).

    Originally released in 2003, Dub Side of the Moon was followed by Radiodread (2006) and Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band (2009), establishing Easy Star All-Stars as one of the top international reggae acts of the last decade. The band has amassed over 300,000 album sales and is equally successful in live appearances, playing over 125 shows in 25 countries on 6 different continents in 2009 alone.

    In fact, the idea of reinterpreting Dub Side spawned from the band’s intense touring schedule. They were continually being exposed to new dub and reggae offshoots around the world. “We really wanted to evolve these songs and put them in the hands of producers who might take it in new directions,” explains Easy Star Records’ Lem Oppenheimer. “It seemed like a good way to bring some of this newly developing futurist reggae right into our own music.” It was essential to find a balance between the classic dub masters and the new generation of bass-line enthusiasts, while also managing to express the band’s musical outlook and development.

    Mad Professor had previously worked on the Radiodread album and was an obvious choice, as were John Peel favorites Dreadzone and Adrian Sherwood, both of whom fit into what Easy Star Records likes to call the ‘dub master vibe.’ Mad Professor’s mix is typically off the wall, whilst Adrian Sherwood manages to create a wall of sound through his adventures in space echo. The All-Stars’ resident soundman The Alchemist’s interpretation of ‘Money’ is a bass bleeder from the start and is probably the track that fits easiest into the dub step category, but Kalbata’s might be the most innovative mix on the album. Israeli born and signed to Soul Jazz Records, his mix merges the tech sound into dub-step. Boston’s mysterious 10 Ft Ganja Plant and Canada’s Juno-Award Winning Dubmatix both provide roots heavy remixes to the album.

    Tracklist :   
    01. Speak To Me/Breathe In The Air(Dubmatix Remix)
    02. On The Run(10 ft. Ganja Plant Remix)
    03. Time(Groove Corporation Remix)
    04. The Great Gig In The Sky(Dubphonic Remix)
    05. Money(The Alchemist Remix)
    06. Us And Them (Dreadzone Remix)
    07. Any Color You Like(Kalbata Remix)
    08. Brain Damage(Adrian Sherwood & Jazzwad Remix)
    09. Eclips(Victor Rice Remix)
    10. Step It Pon The Rastaman Scene(Border Crossing Remix)
    11. Money(Mad Professor Remix)
    12. Time Version(Michael G Easy Star All-Stars Remix)
    13. On The Run(J.Viewz Remix)



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    Origine du Groupe : France
    Style : Electro Dub , Remix
    Sortie : 2010




    Première sortie de cette rentrée 2010 aux couleurs automnales pour Original Dub Gathering. Près de six mois après le maxi quatre titres en hommage à Serge Gainsbourg nommé Lola, Ondubground  revient avec un nouvel opus dédié à la même période musicale. Rub up the right Dub concentre 8 tracks retraçant humblement la quête du remix.

    Basée sur les différents riddims fondateurs de la fin des années 70 et du début des années 80, cette nouvelle mouture apporte une vision contemporaine du "reggae music". Chaque track, qu'il soit issu du "Early digital" ou du pur "Roots", a été minutieusement travaillé afin de ne pas trahir le message musical originel. L'intention principale est de marier ces messages "tubesques" aux techniques de mixage actuelles, tout en y ajoutant des effets propre au Dub, et quelques éléments d'un style très en vogue de nos jours communément appelé Dubstep. Certains parlerons de  bootleg, d'autres de remix, d'autres peut être de plagiat : il s'agit là surtout d'aborder  d'une nouvelle manière ce pourquoi ODG existe, de rendre hommage en toute simplicité.

    par From Official Site Ondubground permalink

    Tracklist :


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  • http://www.kompaktkiste.de/cd/_label/maurizio/bmd2cd1.jpg




    Origine du Groupe : Germany , U.K , Jamaica
    Style : Minimal , Electro Dub
    Sortie : 2003

    media player

    Like writer Thomas Pynchon, Berlin producers Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald notoriously maintain an invisible media profile by refusing to allow photos of themselves and direct quotations to be published. This self-effacing stance is, however, indirectly proportional to the degree of influence they’ve wielded over the past ten years, as their work has single-handedly transformed the electronic dub landscape since the early 90s. In addition to their landmark series Basic Channel, the other label projects with which they’ve been involved include M (Maurizio), Main Street, Chain Reaction, Rhythm and Sound, and Burial Mix. To therefore state that Ernestus and von Oswald have had a profound impact upon the evolution of electronic music styles and production methods over the past decade would be an absurd understatement. Basic Channel and Chain Reaction releases fashioned magnificent takes on Detroit-influenced Berlin techno heavily inflected with 70s reggae and dub elements that must now be considered seminal.

    In recent years, Ernestus and von Oswald have shifted their focus to a purer invocation of reggae dub, one that overtly resuscitates a 1970s style but reanimates it by infusing it with modern electronic production techniques. In terms of CD releases, the 1998 Burial Mix album Showcase featured Tikiman’s (Paul St. Hilaire) vocals, and was followed by 2001’s Rhythm & Sound, a sublime collection of ten tracks highlighted by a single vocal cut, ‘Smile,’ featuring Savage. Fans of those releases will be overjoyed by the joint release of Rhythm & Sound w/ the artists and Rhythm & Sound the versions, with each offering eight stunning tracks of electronic reggae-dub. The hook here is that the first recording deploys the talents of seven different singers (Lloyd Barnes adopting The Chosen Brothers guise appears twice) while the second presents the same set of songs as dubbier instrumentals with only ghostly echoes of the vocals retained. As in the past, Rhythm & Sound w/ the artists compiles tracks released on vinyl over the past three years and recorded in New York, Berlin, and Jamaica. It features Paul St. Hilaire again, but now joined by reggae legends like Cornel Campbell, Shalom, The Chosen Brothers, Love Joy, Jennifer Lara, and Jah Batta.

    Typically, huge textural waves of hiss envelop and surge amongst the tracks’ elongated, supple grooves. Classic echo and dub treatments infuse the songs alongside submersively deep bass, snare hits, basic hi-hat patterns, and offbeat keyboard accents. Ernestus and von Oswald restrainedly use minimalistic arrangements which thereby make the subtlest enhancements (like Paul St. Hilaire’s guitar on ‘Jah Rule’ and the saxophones on ‘Mash Down Babylon’) assume greater significance. ‘King In My Empire’ begins things on a stunningly high note with Cornel Campbell’s gorgeous, often multi-tracked vocals paired with a majestic backing track. ‘Queen In My Empire’ follows, essentially a variation of the first song with its faster arrangement offset by Jennifer Lara’s laconic delivery. At times, the vocals resonate through waves of echo and delay; the ominous ‘We Been,’ for example, features Shalom’s vocal lines not merely doubled but tripled, even quadrupled, while the multiple layers of Love Joy’s sublime vocals form a veritable chorus on ‘Best Friend.’ Certainly the seven singers possess different styles and timbres yet the unifying instrumental conception, so consistently maintained throughout, tends to underemphasize those differences.

    The two Rhythm & Sound recordings fascinatingly testify to a stunning convergence of Berlin electronica and Jamaican reggae which comes off sounding completely natural. The lyrical content covers familiar reggae territory (with repeated mentions of Jah, suffering, prophecy, and Babylon) and consequently firmly anchors the sound, distracting the listener’s attention away from the seductively subtle instrumental touches. While the compelling presence of its vocalists makes Rhythm & Sound w/ the artists understandably register as the more distinctive of the two releases, Rhythm & Sound the versions is strong too. Naturally the focus shifts to the production and engenders a greater appreciation thereof. With the vocals removed, the literal connection to reggae recedes and the Berlin electronic dimension moves to the forefront, tension thereby generated by the tracks subsisting in a suspended interzone between the two. One’s attention fixates more clearly upon the blurred, aquatic density of the sound and its rippling, atmospheric depths, and suddenly the distance separating Rhythm & Sound the versions from Chain Reaction releases like Porter Ricks’ Biokinetics and Fluxion’s Vibrant Forms II begins to seem small indeed. How strange and wonderful it is that in 2003 two Berlin producers should prove so adept at breathing such incredible new life into a decades-old style whose roots are so deeply embedded in Jamaican culture.

    by: Ron Schepper

    Tracklist :
    01. King In My Empire - w/ Cornel Campbell
    02. Queen In My Empire- w/ Jennifer Lara
    03. Jah Rule - w/ Paul St. Hilaire
    04. We Been Troddin - w/ Shalom
    05. Mash Down Babylon - w/ The Chosen Brothers
    06. Music Hit You - w/ Jah Batta
    07. Best Friend - w/ Love Joy
    08. Making History - w/ The Chosen Brothers


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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World
    Style : Electro Dub
    Sortie : 2004

    media player

    Nine years ago, a loose collective of rebel souljahs calling themselves the Crooklyn Dub Consortium launched a new movement in sound with the seminal Certified Dope, Volume 1 (WSCD003), a compilation which defined a burgeoning style from the underground dubbed "Illbient" by the press. Once again, one-upping the downtempo dummies, the crooked knights--including Spectre, Scotty Hard, HIM, and Bill Laswell-- return to prove that good music will always outlive the hype. Certified Dope, Volume 4 (WSCD048) stands as a testament to the awesome power of the Sound. Count on the expanded Crooklyn Dub Outernational to define these crucial times with this latest slate of dubwise illtronica. Babylon's Burning, ya heard? Or do the powers that be want you to party and bullshit till oblivion? Crooklyn Dub has the sonic cure to get you through the commercial blues. And as always, all styles and flavors represented here ripple with originality. French dub powers Brain Damage and Lab lead the charge with the haunting collabo, "Ph neutre," sounds from the Other Side. From the deviant dub-hop of Philosophy Major's "The Soundless Hum of Prayer" to the digital roots of Zion Train's "Modimo," the kaleidoscopic mix is seamless yet unpredictable. Twilight Circus suprises us with the world class dub-funk of "Twlight Circus Meets WordSound Inna Crooklyn 2003 Style," while Bill Laswell takes it back to the old school with Sly & Robbie riding shotgun on "Finite State Machine Dub." Roots Control rides the crushing backbeat of "Boombastic" to dubwise glory. And Doug Scharin's HIM outfit has grown in leaps and bounds as they display adept musicality on "Disco Lips." Meanwhile, left coast assassin King Fader treats a Systemwide beat like Adrian Sherwood on "Eyupsultan" as bonny Prince Charming treats us to his delightful dub rendition of "A Touch of Romance." For the hard stuff, look no further than Scotty Hard, who's coughing up chunks of suspicious dub matter on "Smoke Damage." Teledubgnosis, too, lends some earth-shaking dub-rock to the set with "Ladies &Gentlemen.... Always." World famous DJ/Rupture represents with the tweaked out madness of "Pleasure Ruin Dub," and bass terrorist Spectre never disappoints with the all out low-end assault of "Al Quaida." Always light years ahead of the pack, the genre-bending, boundary-breaking WordSound proves, once again, that Crooklyn keeps on making it HOT. Much more than music, this is a sonic tonic for survival as Babylon burns.

    by http://www.wordsound.com

    Tracklist :
    01      Ph Neutre
    Brain Damage and Lab°     4:31
    02     The Soundless Hum Of Prayer (Remix)
    Philosophy Major     4:04
    03     Finite State Machine Dub
    Bill Laswell     4:49
    04     Modimo
    Zion Train     5:08
    05     Eyupsultan (The King Fader Mix)
    Systemwide     6:55
    06     Disco Lips
    HIM     5:32
    07     Twilight Circus Meets WordSound Inna Crooklyn 2003 Style
    Twilight Circus     4:02
    08     Boombastic
    Roots Control     4:25
    09     A Touch Of Romance
    Prince Charming     3:28
    10     Smoke Damage
    Scotty Hard     7:52
    11     Ladies and Gentlemen… Always
    Teledubgnosis     4:01
    12     Al Qaida (The Bass)
    Spectre     4:51
    13     Pleasure Ruin Dub
    DJ /rupture     3:24 


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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_j2wXLbpHeM0/Rz8n4g1eLDI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/bud6L-LCRSg/s320/babylonfallcollectionix4.jpg




    Origine du Groupe : Spain
    Style : Electro Dub , Deep Dub
    Sortie : 2007

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    Hypnotic And Deep Soundscapes, A Bass-Line Full Of Soul And Sensuality, Contemporary Ambient-Dub… Highly Addictive Music From The Very First Listen. Pulshar Is Influenced By Hip-Hop And Blues, Dub Reggae And Psychedelic Rock, Showing Exquisite Taste Playing With Loops And Samplers, And Great Skill In Creating Distinctive Catchy Melodic Rhythms. The Music And Voice Of Pulshar Are Unique. Layers Of Evolving Sounds And Rich Ancestral Textures That Take Us On A Journey Where Space And Time Become Intertwined And Confused. Are Pulshar A Divine Revelation? The Foundations Of A New Era Where Soul And Electronic Music Stay Together Thanks To This Solid And Advanced Musical Performance.


    Tracklist :
    1. Mr Money Man
    2. Ashmatic
    3. No Meditation
    4. KMS (Pablo Bolivar Space Edit Remix)
    5. KMS
    6. Dub By The River



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