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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Nu-Soul , Funk , Groove , Hip Hop , Remix
    Sortie : 2008

    From http://www.amazon.com

    This sophomore release features Lyrics Born, Zumbi (of Zion I), Crown City Rockers, The Rebirth, Ohmega Watts, Rich Medina, and more. Destined to become an old school hip-hop soul electronic fused classic. From politics to love and roller disco to BBQs, "Soul Vibrations" is the perfect summer soundtrack with its slick future soul, dance floor party tracks, and sensual instrumental compositions.


    Tracklist :
    1. Sweet Music feat Tony Moses 3:26
    2. Revolution feat Lyrics Born & The Mamaz 4:12
    3. Que Pasa feat Deuce Eclipse 6:05
    4. For Your Love feat Zumbi of Zion I & Rithma 4:15
    5. Dirty feat Tim'm West 6:07
    6. Together feat Jennifer Johns 3:47
    7. Leave It All Behind feat Rebirth & Aima The Dreamer 4:54
    8. In The Queue 0:16
    9. Inferno feat Lunar Heights 5:58
    10. Alive feat Crown City Rockers & Jrod Indigo 4:45
    11. Alegria feat Ted De Oliveira 4:34
    12. 1.4.U feat Ohmega Watts & Ragen Fykes 4:48
    13. Same Ol Thang feat Rich Medina 5:27
    14. Chopsticks 5:21
    15. Out To The Bay feat Capitol A & Aima The Dreamer 6:11


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  • http://www.plasticdreams.co.uk/images/los_amigos_invisibles_venezuelan.jpeg



    Origine du Groupe : Venezuela , North America
    Style : Funk , Soul , Groove , Disco , Acid Jazz , Latin Music
    Sortie : 1998

    By Ramiro Burr  from http://www.amazon.com

    Fresh, irreverent, and vigorous, Amigos Invisibles defy categorization. The band's base is rock en español with party attitude fueled by world-party verve. "Ultra-Funk" and "Mi Linda" throw the first hard punches with the message--this is dance-party music, mister, no milquetoasts allowed. Hard funk, rippling percussion, lounge licks, and more all come together nicely. There are even bossa nova grooves on the mellow "Las Lycras del Avila" and '70s funk rhythms on "Cachete a Cachete." The Venezuelan sextet breaks down barriers on the industry's maniacal need to pigeonhole music with this amalgam of rhythms, but the CD is easy listening. Charming, even after a dozen spins.


    Tracklist :       
    01- Güelcome
    02- Ultra - Funk
    03- Mi Linda
    04- Sexy
    05- Las Lycras Del Avila
    06- Groupie
    07- Otra Vez
    08- Cachete A Cachete
    09- Balada De Chusy
    10- Asomacho
    11- Ponerte En Cuatro
    12- Mango Cool
    13- Nerio Compra Contestadora
    14- Quiero Desintegrar A Tu Novio
    15- El Disco Anal
    16- No Me Pagan
    17- Cha - Chaborro
    18- Aldemaro En Su Camaro
    19- The New Sound Of The Venezuelan Gozadera


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  • http://lemangedisque.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/intotheinfrasounds.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Funk , Soul , Groove , Instrumental
    Sortie : 2010

    Par http://lemangedisque.com

    Basés à San Francisco, ce jeune groupe formé en 2005 s'est rapidement fait un nom parmi les quelques groupes de funk qui montent. Leur dernier disque "Into the Infrasounds", sorti à l'automne 2010 est un régal de funk et d'afrobeat. À cette occasion, les Monophonics ont invité quelques talentueux musiciens, dont Karl Denson (The Greyboy Allstars), Mic Gillette (Tower of Power), rien que ça !!!.  Leur musique  perpétue l'héritage de groupes de funk des années 1970 comme The J.B.'s, The Meters, Headhunters...

    Comme pour leur premier album  "Playin and Simple", on est frappé par la qualité de l'enregistrement. Le groupe a de nouveau fait appel aux services des prestigieux et très funky Plant Studios, qui ont su donner à leur musique la sonorité funk de groupes mythiques comme The Meters. Les thèmes sont bien construits, et comportent d'excellentes parties de cuivres. Toutefois, les musiciens (mis à part les cuivres), restent assez prudents et ne s'aventurent pas trop dans des solos. Ce type de musique s'y prête pourtant parfaitement.

    Attention, leur musique ne manque cependant pas de groove ! Mais avec quelques solos de guitare et d'orgue en plus, ça aurait été le top !

    Band Members:
    Alex Baky - Saxophone / Flute
    Austin Bohlman - Drums
    Colin Brown - Keys
    Ian McDonald - Guitar / Electric Sitar
    Kyle Middlebrooks - Percussion
    Myles O'Mahoney - Bass
    Ryan Scott - Trumpet

    Special Guests:
    Karl Denson - Saxophone / Flute
    Mic Gillette - Trombone
    Jonathan Korty - Harmonica
    Hugh Schick - Trumpet
    Marcus Scott - Vocals
    Charlie Wilson - Trombone

    Tracklist :       
    01. Goliath 05:03
    02. .50 03:14
    03. Simon's Song 04:57
    04. I'm Done 05:10
    05. Ageless (feat. Karl Denson) 06:23
    06. Low Blow 04:12
    07. Grappa 04:55
    08. Agamemnon 04:22
    09. Filth Flarn Filth (feat. Karl Denson) 07:29
    10. Can't Leave It Alone 04:44
    11. Rotten Ribs 03:40
    12. Loose Nukes (feat. Karl Denson) 03:42
    13. Nunu 04:03


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  • http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51X%2B6wYeEGL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Soul Jazz , Smooth Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Groove
    Sortie : 2004

    By Cassandra burks  from http://www.amazon.com

    Calling all yoy Jazz lovers. This is a must have for your collection. I promise you you won"t be disapointed. This Cd has a groove from start to finish. It has some nice Vocals, but the jazz has a mellow, put you in a good want to slap your Momma mood!My favorites are Mr Radio, Riff to the smooth, Set U free, Rockin U that features Roy Ayers, Blue,3D, B-line, Roll up. Hey I dig the whole CD. Just take my world for it. Buy it. I can't get it out of my Cd Player in my suv. It makes me mad that there are so many good artist out there, that don't get there props. All I can say is 3D, keep the good flow flowing!!!

    Tracklist :       
    1. Mr. Radio
    2. 2Nite (Guest Musician: K-Rob)
    3. Riff To The Smooth
    4. Set U Free (Guest Vocals: Bobby Depasois)
    5. Rockin' U Eternally (Guest Vocals: Roy Ayers)
    6. Blue
    7. 3D
    8. B-Line
    9. Roll Up
    10. Higher Self
    11. 2Nite (Instrumental Remix)
    12. Riff ToThe Rhodes


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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-5TX5GCRdnyQ/TWkR_-WTd_I/AAAAAAAAKwc/rtubo5K6EbM/s1600/front.jpg

    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Funk
    Sortie : 1974

    By a mind with no ceiling  from http://oufarkhan.blogspot.com

    A rare funky soul classic! This one was originally issued on Brunswick in 1974, and the record's a great one – it's got a tight ensemble funky sound, mixed with some great soulful vocals, and a strong indie soul groove.

    The band originally came from North Carolina, and they've got a style that's similar to some of the other south coast funk groups that were operating in the 70s in cities like Washington, Richmond, and other points south. Most tracks have deep soulful vocals, but there's some very nice instrumentals too, and the band's got a pretty tight approach to playing. Titles include "Rump Bump", "Loose Hips", "Get Satisfied (parts 1 & 2)", "Loving Explosion", "Give It Up", and "Blood Donors Needed".

    Tracklist :       
       1. Get Satisfied
       2. Love Your Woman
       3. Give It Up
       4. Try Try Try
       5. Blood Donors Needed (Give All You Can)
       6. Taking Love And Making Love
       7. Get Satisfied (Part 2)
       8. Loose Hips
       9. Rump Bump


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