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    Origine du Groupe : Ghana
    Style : Highlife, Afrobeat , World Music
    Sortie : 1977


    Tracklist :
    1 Nya asem hwe
    2 Nko nngya m'akyir
    3 Osu a meresu
    4 Ofie nipa see wo a
    5 Akutiabo
    6 Ankwanoma dede
    7 Baabi dehyee
    8 Nko besie


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  • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_WLfiy23moH8/S6vyp6SzhiI/AAAAAAAAA_E/KavFd-kjrCw/s200/Front.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Grece , Turkmenistan

    Style : World Music

    Sortie : 1998

    Mélina Kana, qui est une chanteuse grecque que j'ai découverte en l'an 2001. Elle possède une voix puissante et tendre très expressive qui me fait fondre de bonheur. Je ne me lasse pas d'écouter ses chansons dont les airs semblent dès la première écoute étonnamment familiers

    Bien que de consonance grecque, l'instrumentation de ces chansons est variée: le bouzouki fait place au traditionnel piano puis à l'insolite cornemuse.

    Le luth et le baglama accompagnent avec bonheur la voix cristalline de Mélina Kana. En s'entourant de grands compositeurs grecs, elle a réussi à créer, comme Arvanitaki, un passage entre la culture musicale de la Grèce méditerranéenne et celle de l’Asie centrale orientale


    Tracklist :

    01. Giorti (Organiko)
    02. Aeriko 
    03. Vale Krasi
    04. Stylitis
    05. Opoios Agapise Den Xerei Na To Pet
    06. I Lathos Moirasia
    07. Armatolo (Organiko)
    08. Milo Gia Sena
    09. Ta Lafyra Tis Nyhtas
    10. Alexantra
    11. Apopse
    12. Apohairetismos (Organiko)


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    Origine du Groupe : India
    Style : World Music , Sitar
    Sortie : 1989

    By Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

    In world music, some instruments are so distinctive that hearing only a few notes brings to mind a particular country and a particular culture. No instrument is more identified with Japan than the koto (even though the koto was actually invented in China and brought to Japan by the Chinese), and just as no wind instrument evokes thoughts of Scotland more quickly than Celtic bagpipes, no string instrument says "India" more than the sitar. It's hardly India's only important string instrument -- even those with only a casual interest in traditional Indian music should know about the vina, the sarod, the sarangi, and the surbahar -- but it's certainly among the country's most recognizable. One of North India's excellent sitarists is Partho Das, whose Music of the Sitar was recorded in Delhi in June 1989. This album finds him playing three instrumental North India-style ragas; the shortest is the eight-minute "Dhun in Raga Bhairavi," while "Raga Bageshri" lasts 30 minutes, and the equally hypnotic "Raga Yaman" lasts 28 minutes. Such extended performances aren't for those with short attention spans, but because Das is such a master of his instrument, he has no problem holding the attention of serious sitar enthusiasts. Das is joined by tabla drummer Rashid Mustafa on this excellent CD.

    Tracklist :
    [01]. Raga Bageshri
    [02]. Dhun (In Raga Bhairavi)
    [03]. Raga Yaman


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    Origine du Groupe : Spain , Pakistan
    Style : World Music , Flamenco , Arabic Music
    Sortie : 2006

    By http://www.welove-music.net

    In July 2004, Faiz Ali Faiz joined forces with leading flamenco artists Miguel Poveda, Duquende and virtuoso guitarist Chicuelo in an astounding concert in the French town of Arles. The convergence of Qawwali and Flamenco musical traditions finds its roots in the north Indian region of Rajastan.

    Qawwali master Faiz Ali Faiz with his ensemble, and Flamenco singers Duquende and Miguel Poveda, accompanied by guitarist Chicuelo, have lent themselves to developments of the relationship of those two great vocal traditions.


    Tracklist :

    CD 1.
    01 Allah hu.
    02 NO llegaste a quererme / Sal al guisao / La Tarrara
    03 Presumes que eres la esencia
    04 Rawance Bainan Painda
    05 No pases por mi calle
    06 Tere ishq ne nacaia/Con esa morena

    CD 2.
    01 Ya mustafa
    02 No me hagas tantos planes
    03 Tango al mar
    04 Dam mast qalandar
    05 De querer a no querer


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  • http://images.bluebeat.com/an/2/8/1/4/4/l44182.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Cuba
    Style : Cuban jazz , World Music , Latino
    Sortie : 2005

    By Christina Roden From http://www.amazon.com

    For his first solo album, 71-year-old trumpeter Mirabal has created a tribute to the seminal bandleader Arsenio Rodriguez. The latter was a tres-wielding maverick who reveled in Cuba's African heritage and gave new opportunities to the piano and brass. With three trumpeters on board, it is not surprising that the tracks often explode into blaring, festive, sloppy--precise fanfares, but Papi Oviedo on tres and pianist Roberto Fonseca more than hold their own. The singers also get a workout, notably on Me Bote De Guano, with its humming opening chorus and robust tenor lead vocal. The late Rubén González, who was Rodriguez's original keyboard man, is heard on Dombe Dombe, a tune he suggested for the set list. The sessions were recorded in Havana at legendary Egrem Studios with a minimum of technical bells-and-whistles and if the sonic texture is somewhat rough and remote, it only adds to the studio-live atmosphere.

    Product Description :

    Cuban trumpeter Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabel was among the first musicians recruited by British producer Nick Gold for the now legendary sessions at Havana's Egrem Studio that yielded the multi-platinum Buena Vista Social Club album and Wim Wenders' groundbreaking concert documentary. But the veteran player already had enjoyed a rich musical history, having performed for more than 40 years in some of the most celebrated Cuban nightclub orchestras. With this lively set of '40s-era conjunto classics, he pays tribute to pioneering Cuban composer-bandleader Arsenio Rodriguez, whose trumpet arrangements inspired Mirabel as a boy.


    Tracklist :
    01. El Rincón Caliente
    02. Para bailar el montuno
    03. Deuda
    04. El reloj de Pastora
    05. Me bote de guano
    06. Mi corazon no tiene quien lo llore
    07. Tengo que olvidarte
    08. Canta montero
    09. Chicharronero
    10. No vuelvo a moron/Las Tres Marias/Apurrunenme mujeres Medley
    11. Dombe dombe

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