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    Origine du Groupe : Italia
    Style : Funk
    Sortie : 2010

    By Dj Uilson from http://djuilson.blogspot.com

    70s action film-styled funk from the Italian scene from Signor Wolf - one that certainly lives up the experience promised by the title! The Signor Wolf approach is much more styled after the pulpy funk era soundtracks of the 70s than many of the JBs-born funk revival projects out there today - with tight, freaky guitars, persistently rollicking beats and spunky bass, organ, vibes and some subtle programmed elements.

    Tracklist :       
    01. Funk Investigation [04:47]
    02. Territorial Fight [03:52]
    03. Bad Queen Gang [04:28]
    04. Downtown Pusher [03:52]
    05. Caesar's Palace Funk [04:31]
    06. Carter's Dope [04:55]
    07. Porno Gun Theme [04:29]
    08. Lips & Laps [04:06]
    09. Funkonnection [04:36]
    10. You Spin Me Round [03:08]
    11. Mr Stray Bullet [03:53]
    12. Mambo Jail [04:50]
    13. Ready To Rumble [04:07]
    14. Last Minute [01:01]


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  • http://cdn.hmvdigital.com/static/img/sleeveart/00/002/100/0000210056_500.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Austria
    Style : Electro Funk Soul , Acid Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Nu-Funk , Nu-Soul
    Sortie : 2005

    Par Adri3n   pour http://www.wegofunk.com

    Ce groupe viennois (Autriche) est issu de la prolifique scène acid-jazz du début des années 90. Ils se sont rencontrés grâce aux groupes Planet E et Orchestrer 33 1/3

    Cet album oscille entre acid-jazz, électro et trip hop. Les lignes de cuivres ainsi que les textures sonores ne sont pas sans rappeler le rythm'n'blues et la soul des années 60.
    Le funky Time to Feel puise son inspiration dans la disco-funk de la fin des années 70 tandis qu' Honalee nous invite plutôt à un voyage en terre africaine.
    Le morceau immanquable est sans équivoque Slo-Mo . Terry Callier vient enluminer le titre de sa voix de velours et de son groove impeccable. Un vrai régal!
    Parmi les autres invités, on retrouve le chanteur de disco new-yorkaise G. Rizo .

    Un disque conseillé aux amateurs de groove et de sonorités nouvelles.

    Tracklist :
    01. Doors Open
    02. Slo-Mo
    03. Hunting Dr. No
    04. A Good Advice
    05. Time To Feel
    06. Let Fat In
    07. Honalee
    08. Undo The Twist
    09. Slo-Mo-Dub


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  • http://www.jayfan.com/uploadimg/201101/27/060201105.jpeg



    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Funk , Alternative
    Sortie : 2011

    From http://www.parisdjs.com

    Here's the first listen to a new Shawn Lee record, set for release in Feb 2011. Lee says he lives in a World of Funk, and invited friends from around the globe to make his point; Brazilian singer-multi instrumentalist Curumin (Hailing from Sao Paulo, and of Japanese/Spanish Brazilian background,) British/Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas, Chhom Nimol - singer with the band Dengue Fever, Bardo of Chicano Batman and Cava, from LA, plus Truth and Soul Recording artist Michael Leonhart, NOMO bandleader Elliot Bergman, and Lee's mother-in-law (aka Nanny Jee)!

    Info :
    Multicultural and multi-talented composer and performer Shawn Lee lives in what he calls a “World of Funk.” His mother is half Lebanese and a quarter Native American Indian. His wife is Indian, born in London from parents who are from Tanzania, East Africa. Their daughters (Mela & Seela) are half British/Asian and half American with the family roots to American Indian and Lebanese. As an American living in London he has his ears open to sounds from around the world, and all the spin-offs, mash-ups and fusions that pop-up. “Turkish Psych, Thai Funk, African Disco, Cambodian rock, Brazilian soul,” lists Lee. “If you can say it, it exists.”

    Lee has as an uncanny ability to pick-up and play any instrument he can lay his hands on (his studio is like a candy-store for curious musicians) and for World of Funk he went global playing sitar, ektar, Balaphone, Tanpura, kalimba, Steel drum, Guitarron, Moroccan castanets, Cithare, vibraphone, Xylophone, Bulbul tarang, Charango, Bouzouki, talking drum, and Udu.

    But it wasn’t just geography, family roots, and a well-stocked studio that fueled this album. Lee is a massive fan of worldly-funk. The Turkish psych of Selda and Ersen, early 1970s Bollywood soundtracks by RD Burman and Asha Bhosle, the Brazilian soul and disco of Tim Maia, Ethiopian Jazz great Mulatu Astatke and the Afro funk of Pat Thomas and Marijata were all big influences on World of Funk.

    “Like many western musicians, my ears have been seduced by the exotic sounds of the East and beyond.
    By the same token, many musicians from around the world have been inspired by the music of America
    and England as well. What we've got here is a universal language,” says Lee. “When we bastardize each other’s sounds/ music and get it wrong - we get it so right. It mutates and becomes something
    extraordinary. Now that is funky!”

    Adding to Lees melting pot of sounds are guests from around the world. Brazilian singer-multi instrumentalist Curumin (Hailing from Sao Paulo, and of Japanese/Spanish Brazilian background) and British/Egyptian singer Natacha Atlas completely embody the spirit of World of Funk. While on-tour in Los Angeles this Summer Lee locked down three very special collaborations. The first was with Chhom Nimol the LA based Cambodian singer with the band Dengue Fever. Lee made an instrumental track with Clutchy Hopkins (which includes the sound of a 1960's Smith and Corona typewriter!) for Dengue Fever member Paul Smith who recorded Chhoms haunting vocal. A chance meeting with Bardo of Chicano Batman on Sunset Boulevard led to some garage-y flavored West Coast Latino-funk. And then both Willie McNeal and Money Mark suggested Lee work with Cava.

    The album also features Truth and Soul Recording artist Michael Leonhart, NOMO bandleader Elliot Bergman, and Lee’s mother-in-law (aka Nanny Jee)!


    Tracklist :
    01. Bina
    02. Ghost In The Rain feat. Clutchy Hopkins & Chhom Nimol
    03. Ethio feat. Michael Leonhart
    04. Cairo Cairo feat. Natacha Atlas
    05. Nao Vacila feat. Curumin
    06. La Eterna Felicidad feat. Bardo Martinez
    07. Nanny Jee feat. Nanny G
    08. Iceberg feat. Elliot Bergman of NOMO
    09. Booya feat. Michael Leonhart
    10. The Mighty Atlas feat. Natacha Atlas
    11. Mi Ilusion feat. Cava
    12. Accelerate
    13. Tablacadabra
    14. Hairy Krishner


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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Soul
    Sortie : 1968

    by nikos1109  from http://www.funkmysoul.gr

    Sublime southern soul from one of the greats! James Carr is right up there with the best of the 60s,  Otis Redding, Arthur Conley, Joe Tex, and others but he never made it as big as them because of personal troubles and bad planning on the part of his label and management. Fortunately, his genius has been kept alive by record collectors everywhere  for whom this rare gem is a holy grail! The album features tunes that sum up the best of the south in the 60s  all sung by James with his unbelievably heartbreaking voice.

    Much more obscure than his first album, ‘A Man Needs a Woman’, for my money, is every bit the equal of its predecessor. Not least, naturally, since it includes “The Dark End of the Street” and “You Got My Mind Messed Up” once more, two all-time legendary waxings that I’ll never tire off. But the LP’s original material isn’t far behind at all. “A Man Needs a Woman”, a sweet, country-soul tune written by O.B. McClinton, is another emotional tour de force that just spells out ‘DEEPER Soul’. “Stronger Than Love” picks up the pace considerably, a fine stomping groove featuring some nice high-pitched backing vocals, whereas the plaintive, minor keyed “More Love” is a thinly disguised ‘payback’ song aimed at Carr’s onetime girl. James is now expressing the virtues of his new lover, who’s got ‘more love in her little finger than [she] got in all of [her] heart.’ Ouch… The sentiment is continued on the more upbeat “You Didn’t Know It But You Had Me”, a fine beater, while Carr gets back in a lowdown pleading bag on the tender, slow “A Woman Is a Man’s Best Friend”, featuring that typical highly trebled Goldwax guitar and weeping horns.

    The first side is completed with the frantic, sizzling “I’m a Fool for You”. A well-oiled, crunchy R&B-romp featuring soulful second vocals by Betty Harris - the track surely comes across as a full-fledged duet. The interaction between the two is electrifying, especially on the chorus. The flips opens on a decidedly moodier note, as Carr puts his spin on country singer Howard Harlan’s “Life Turned Her That Way”. Carr’s tormented soul is laid bare on top of an incessant, punishing groove, one smothered in purring Hammond organs and fits of brass, as he laments on the disposition of his woman. James’ rendition of Timmy Willis’ 1963 hit “Gonna Send You Back to Georgia” takes us right back to a run-down juke joint shakin’ it up somewhere down a dusty Mississippi road, and the very country-esque “I Sowed Love and Reaped a Heartache” could’ve stirred up just as much noise ‘at the other side of town’. A great, lazily rocking tune souled up by those fabulous pipes.

    With the inclusion of “You Got My Mind Messed Up” and, especially, “The Dark End of the Street”, what you have is a perfect platter of brilliant Southern Soul.

    Tracklist :
    1. A Man Needs A Woman
    2. Stronger Than Love
    3. More Love
    4. You Didn't Know It But You Had Me
    5. A Woman Is a Man's Best Friend
    6. I'm A Fool for You
    7. A Losing Game
    8. A Message To Young Lovers
    9. Life Turned Her That Way
    10. Gonna Send You Back to Georgia
    11. The Dark End of the Street
    12. I Sowed Love and Reaped a Heartache
    13. Let it Happen
    14. You Gotta Have Soul
    15. You Hurt So Good
    16. You've Got My Mind Messed Up


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    Origine du Groupe : Mexico
    Style : Funk , Heavy Funk
    Sortie : 2004

    Review by Domi Bañuelos from http://cultura.iteso.mx

    3MotherFunkers es un proyecto de Funk-Jazz con influencias en el blues, hip-hop, soul, pasando por ritmos latinos y ritmos electrónicos interpretados de forma acústica. Radicado en Guadalajara, el grupo está influenciado por los sonidos modernos de los bares de acid jazz de NYC y Nuevo Orleans, lo cual da como resultado una música llena de cadencias rítmicas y rica en improvisaciones sublimes.

    El proyecto es encabezado por Alejandro “Kruppa” Saat Cobián, bajista y compositor principal del grupo. Cuenta con la participación de músicos distinguidos de la escena musical tapatía, incorporando elementos como una sección de metales, guitarra, batería, tornamesas y percusiones, entre otros instrumentos. En poco más de dos años de trayectoriael grupo se ha logrado posicionar en el gusto del público tapatío y la crítica especializada tras romper las barreras entre el jazz y el funk, sirviendo como plataforma de lanzamiento para el nuevo movimiento del funk-jazz en Guadalajara.

    “Música para caminar con estilo...”

    En junio del 2004, 3MotherFunkers lanzó en Guadalajara su album debut bajo el sello independiente ALLO Producciones. “Música para caminar con estilo…” es el título de esta obra integrada por 10 temas originales compuestos por Alejandro Saat y presentando una estética visual diseñada por el renombrado artista tapatío Ivan Puig. Siguiendo la tradición de los grandes discos del jazz clásico y moderno, el disco fue grabado “in session”, lo que significa que se grabó en vivo en el estudio sin doblajes ni audífonos bajo el mando de Alejandro Lepe Soto en los Estudios A.L.S. La mezcla del disco se llevó a cabo en los estudios Galápago Music por Guillermo Ramírez, productor del disco “Infinito Palmeras” de Galápago,recientemente galardonado por Radio France Internacional como el Mejor Disco Latinoamericano del 2003.

    La grabación en sesión logró captar la calidez que se genera cuando un grupo de músicos interactúan en un mismo espacio sonoro. Musicalmente, el disco se distingue de cualquier otra producción hecha en nuestro país, ya que ningún otro grupo mexicano ha ofrecido un disco que explore la musicalidad y el virtuosismo del jazz tradicional combinado con la fuerza rítmica y la accesibilidad del funk. La intención de este disco será la de inducir al baile, creando una atmósfera cargada de cadencia rítmica.

    En marzo del 2005 se lanzará el disco de 3MotherFunkers a nivel nacional con promoción en varias ciudades importantes en la República Mexicana.

    Tracklist :   
    01. Intro
    02. Mofofunk
    03. Struttin’
    04. Street Styler
    05. Latina
    06. Strip-Hop
    07. Chunk
    08. Hell, Yeah!
    09. Summersong
    10. Llevame a Tokio
    11. D’jam


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