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    Origine du Groupe : Colombia
    Style : Reggae , Raggamuffin , Hip Hop , Alternative
    Sortie : 2008

    From Official Myspace :

    Miss Muffin, la nueva promesa del Reggae en Colombia y Latinoamérica • Su primer disco como solista se llama HEAR THIS y el productor de este trabajo discográfico es Carlos Iván Medina. (del Bloque de Carlos Vives) En Colombia nace una nueva artista, Miss Muffin, que comenzó su vida musical a los 12 años y poco a poco ha ido incursionando en el mundo del Reggae. Esta artista lanza en Colombia su primer disco titulado HEAR THIS, gracias al apoyo de personas como Carlos Iván Medina, productor junto con Carlos vives de el CD mas vendido en Colombia en este momento que pronto se convertirá en platino "Pombo musical" con la participación de Juanes y Fonseca, y Carlos Vives, el gran activista de la música y de la cultura en Colombia y especialmente en la costa y el Caribe que se enamoró del proyecto Estos grandes representantes de la música en Colombia le apuestan a MISS MUFFIN porque es artista integral, pinta, diseña, grafitea, escribe, toca guitarra y piano, compone su lírica y armonía. Es una cantautora excepcional y uno de sus rasgos más fuertes es su individualismo, donde lucha por la libertad del pensamiento, expresión, ideología y estilo; "Ella quiere que sus palabras lleguen a tus oídos", "sueña con la verdad y el amor", cree que "la Música con conciencia llenara la audiencia". HEAR THIS es una producción independiente donde se puede oír su diversidad de estilos: Miss Muffin es Freestyle, hace scatterin, y raggamuffinea, su música contiene elementos de Reggae jamaiquino y California style. La indiscutible mezcla de sus líricas y el balance entre sus dos opuestos, la urbe (Medellín y Bogotá) y el caribe, (Old Providence island y Cartagena) hacen de esta artista y de su música, una explosión única de ritmo y energía. Gracias a esta combinación nace su versatilidad de intercalar su bilingüismo y estilo urbano-caribbean.

    Tracklist :
    1. Dread boy (4:08)
    2. Kiss me stoopid (3:18)
    3. Bitter sweet (3:56)
    4. Bway n gyals (3:45)
    5. Paper hearts (3:34)
    6. Leon en babilon (3:09)
    7. Las razas (3:47)
    8. Lullaby (3:57)
    9. Lord have mercy (3:31)
    10. Sound Selecta (3:10)



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  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Lmu8Q4WOe08/TDMZoKBZDsI/AAAAAAAAAJ8/Eyw17eYJrso/s1600/mo-kalamity-warriors-of-light.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : France , Cap Verde

    Style : Reggae Roots , Dub

    Sortie : 2006

    by DJ DemonAngel

    Cette jeune française originaire du Cap Vert , à le mérite de nous avoir gratifier d'un excellent album reggae .
    D'autant plus que les chanteuses sont assez rare dans ce genre de style musical , alors il est bon de le souligner que Mo'Kalamity est une perle du reggae francais .
    Elle nous délivre une musique empreinter dans certains moment au groove et à la soul tout en restant dans une tradition reggae roots and concious jamaicain ; bien entendu les Wisards qui l'accompagne ne sont pas sans compter dans l'histoire , puisque ayant eu l'occasion d'apprécier c'est magnifique artistes en Live ; Je puis vous assurrez que les musiciens qui l' accompagne son d'une performance plus que honnorable "Dubwise" man !
    Bref Mo'Kalamity & The Wizards ço s'écoute comme du petit pain héhé , et pis aller les écouter en live !!

    Tracklist :

    1. Princess from the street
    2. Vision
    3. Evoltution
    4. darling
    5. we've got the power
    6. sitting on this rock
    7. 16 août
    8. petit bonhomme
    9. me say
    10. faith
    11. wirl
    12. reggae vibration
    13. Africa


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  • http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_wrMkBJ5iW0g/SdKDtwSbfVI/AAAAAAAAAZo/ioBnHQYTR50/s320/front.jpg

    Origine du Groupe : Jamaïca

    Style : Reggae Roots

    Sortie : 1976

    Lp de 1976 com Merlyn Webber cantando e a banda de apoio é a Skin, Flesh & Bones, banda liderada pelo baterista Sly Dunbar junto com diversos outros mestres como: Ranchie McLean e Lloyd Parks(baixo), Rad Bryan(guitarra) e Ansel Collins & Bobby Kalphat(teclados).

    Tracklist :

    A1* Letter To Mummy And Daddy
    A2* Forget The Past
    A3* As Long As You Love Me
    A4* No More Running
    A5* May Be The Next Time
    B1* Stand By Your Man
    B2* Once You Hit The Road
    B3* First Cut Is The Deepest
    B4* He Will Have To Stay
    B5* What Good Am I

    Engineer : Errol Thompson
    Vocals : Merlyn Webber
    Backing Band : Skin, Flesh & Bones


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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Ca61V1Z1LU0/StHR9qLcBPI/AAAAAAAABSg/iIN4xTcnRb0/s320/Katchafire+-say+what+you+re+thinking.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : New Zeland

    Style : Reggae , Dub

    Sortie : 2007

    By Sticky from http://www.niceup.org.nz

    I was very excited to be asked to review Katchafire's third studio album, Say What Your Thinking, as I am a big fan of their two previous releases, Revival (2003) (which featured the highest selling NZ single of 2003) and Slow Burning (2005). Both albums gained high praise.

    For this release, the seven-piece crew stepped into Auckland's York Studios at the end of 2006 with a different line-up.  The very talented Thompson Hohepa (guitarist/vocals) left the group as did highly acclaimed NZ bassist, Ara Adams-Tamatea. The bands original bass player, Tere Ngarua, is back on bass duties with Ara continuing on as the groups booking agent.


    Katchafire keep going from strength to strength and Say What Your Thinking is no exception! All aspects of this album impressed me from the production to the song-writing. Katchafire have put together the prefect sound track for summer! 

    The album kicks off with the title track, Say What Your Thinking, which begins with an awesome sax intro before it breaks into an infectious skanked-out catchy hook. It has some beautiful backing singing giving it a very soulful feel. Say What Your Thinking is the perfect introduction to Katchafire's feel good vibes if you're a first time listener of their music.


    Now Girl is the second track and is an excellent lovers tune for the ladies, with a nice Island feel and a very catch hook. There are also several other standout tracks for me. The very dubby J-Dubb with a very heavy bass line is sure to rattle your insides on a big rig. This World is another feel good track depicting the plight of the world today and Meant To Be is another lovers tune with a mean bass line and very catchy horn section!


    Katchafire also have an extra instrumental track, Agent-H, which is not included on the album release but can be purchased through iTunes as a single release.


    Whether you're already a Katchafire fan or if you haven't heard them before, Say What Your Thinking is a must have for summer!! Big up to Katchafire for bringing such sweet sounding good vibe tunes!



    Tracklist :

    1. "Say What You’re Thinking" (J. Ferguson) – 4:55
    2. "Now Girl" (L. Davey) – 3:58
    3. "Doesn't Anybody" (J. Ferguson) – 4:16
    4. "Mr Flava" (L. Bell, J. Bell) – 4:57
    5. "J Dubb" (J. Bell) – 4:27
    6. "This World" (H. Totowera) – 3:57
    7. "Hold On" (J. Ferguson) – 3:54
    8. "Love Letter" (L. Davey) – 3:33
    9. "Ultra Music" (L. Bell, J. Bell) – 5:36
    10. "Meant To Be" (L. Bell) – 5:16
    11. "Pain" (J. Ferguson) – 5:21
    12. "Working" (L. Bell, J. Bell, J. Lee) – 3:36


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  • http://www.okayafrica.com/core/wp-content/uploads/Sierra-Leone-All-Star-Remixes-300x300.jpg





    Origine du Groupe : Sierra Leone , North America
    Style : Reggae , Alternative , DJ
    Sortie : 2011

    By http://www.myspace.com/therosebudagency

    A long time fan of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, DJ Logic, the turntablist and producer, has taken five tracks from the band's acclaimed 2010 release Rise & Shine and reworked the original session files into a set of funky, dubbed out remixes. The album Rise & Shine Remixes is available direct from the Refugee All Stars at shows on their Positive Revolution Tour - now in progress, playing U.S. dates across the West Coast and Northeast in May 2011. The Remixes are also available on their bandcamp site here, and will be released on iTunes and Amazon in the coming weeks. For a sample, check out "Muloma Remix" free here.

    DJ Logic says of the project, "The ability of music to transcend borders and cultures is one of its most powerful characteristics. Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars have literally survived through their struggles because of this, and I am honored to be part of this great remix." As the founder of Project Logic and a frequent collaborator with artists including Medeski Martin & Wood, Vernon Reid, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Christian McBride and Carley Simon amongst others, DJ Logic has established himself as the go to DJ for live band collaborations.

    Check out Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars live on stage, as they bring their Positive Revolution Tour to the States this May, please see Tour Dates >>

    Tracklist :
    1.Muloma Remix (free) 05:11
    2.Jah Come Down Remix 05:43    
    3.Jah Mercy Remix 04:31        
    4.Global Threat Remix 04:08            
    5.Bute Vange Remix 02:58


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