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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Reggae , Lovers
    Sortie : 1982

    By  benjamin From http://www.roots-archives.com

    Good album. not really roots indeed but very smooth and melodic with the hardest rythm section ever. I think it's really worth listening. Once again, the sound is close to other early 80' 's wailers works. The voices are more like ballads or folk songs, but the mix is nice and original.

    Vocals : Donald Davidson & Kevan Lulu Davidson
    Backing Band : The Wailers
    Drums : Carlton Barrett
    Bass : Aston Barrett
    Lead Guitar : Junior Marvin
    Rhythm Guitar : Leroy Hamilton
    Keyboards : Stephen Stewart & Wire Lindo
    Percussions : Seeco Patterson

    Studios :
    Recording : Tuff Gong (Kingston, JA)

    Tracklist :       
    01 - Just Cool Runnins
    02 - You Better Believe It
    03 - I Know Your A Child
    04 - Lulu What We Gonna Do
    05 - Dream Of Me
    06 - Love One Another
    07 - Marble Stones
    08 - I Never Wrote A Love Song
    09 - Destiny
    10 - Beautiful Garden


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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Reggae , Rocksteady , Ska
    Sortie : 1970 (1996)

    From http://www.amazon.com

    Originally released in 1970, Prisoner Of Love marked Dave Barker’s arrival as one of its most promising and versatile talents on the Reggae scene. Highlighting his skills as both singer and toaster, the set provided an ideal showcase for Dave’s versatility at the mic, while also perfectly illustrating Lee Perry’s rugged production style of the period. 36 years on, this classic album has been augmented with an additional 13 Lee Perry-produced recordings from the period, selected by Lee Perry biographer, David Katz.

    Tracklist :       
    01. Shocks Of Mighty
    02. Build My Whole World Around You
    03. My Cup
    04. Love Me Baby
    05. Set Me Free
    06. Blowing In The Wind
    07. Prisoner Of Love
    08. I Was Wrong
    09. One Little Lie
    10. Skanky Chicken
    11. Never Before
    12. The Same Game
    13. Runaway Child


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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Reggae
    Sortie : 1991 (1978)

    By C.DANNY BREAKENRIDGE from http://www.marciagriffiths.net

    The legendary Marcia Griffiths, the premier popular female vocalist of Jamaican music, is the undisputed champion for recording and releasing hit songs. She is the reigning Empress of Reggae Music. Marcia has been performing professionally for over 30 years, a major accomplishment by any measure, in any field of endeavor. Moreover, the consistency of hits that were released in this era, such as “Fire Burning”, “I Shall Sing”, “You Have Lost That Loving Feeling”, the recent remake “Tell Me Now,” and "Run Up And Down" clearly shows her potential to deliver and prevail.

    The first song Marcia Griffiths ever recorded was “Wall Of Love” for producer, Coxone Dodd at Studio One. That song was never released. The first hit single Marcia released was “Feel Like Jumping”, written by Bob Andy, arranged by Jackie Mittoo and produced by Coxone Dodd on the Studio One ( Down Beat) label. Played in establishments like Britannia Bournemouth to the corner pub, the song was well liked all around. Her debut album “Marcia Griffiths at Studio One” was from the same label and producer. This album featured the first combination recording of Bob and Marcia - “Always Together”. Marcia’s second album for Studio One, titled “Truly” was released in 1998 by Heartbeat Records.

    In 1970, as a duo, Marcia and Bob had an international hit with “Young Gifted And Black”. They earned a Silver Disc award and released an album with the same name; that album was produced by Harry J. and released by Trojan Records in England and Europe. “Young Gifted and Black” was subsequently released by Motown Records in the USA. The next year (1971) Bob and Marcia had another hit on the London and European charts with “The Pied Piper”. They released a second duet album with their hit as the title track, which was again produced by Harry J. for Trojan Records. After that period of success, Bob & Marcia chose to pursue separate careers. In 1974, Marcia released her second solo album “Sweet Bitter Love”, produced by Lloyd Charmers for Trojan Records.

    Marcia has the distinction of having worked with a major record label, Philip Records, in Germany. She traveled to Germany where she recorded with a thirty- two piece orchestra. She even sang two songs in the German language, “Bleib By Sir" (Stay Right Here) and “Alles Ist Wunderschoen,” (Everything is Beautiful). She also recorded an album in Germany titled “ The Reggaes” featuring Marcia Griffiths backed by the Fab 5 band.

    Marcia’s venture with a vocal group came about with the formation of the I-Threes. The I-Threes first came together with Judy Mowatt and Rita Marley singing harmony on stage for Marcia. They then started to record and began touring with Bob Marley and the Wailers, from the release of his “Natty Dread” album onwards.

    As a vocal trio the I-Threes released two albums, “Beginning” in 1983 and “The I-Threes Sing Bob Marley” in 1995. As well as a number of singles.

    Marcia recorded two albums for one of the rare female producers - Sonia Pottinger; “Naturally” in 1978 and “Stepping” in 1979. “Naturally” was singled out as Marcia’s best collection; seven of the ten tracks were written by Bob Andy (Keith Anderson).

    In 1985 Sydney Crooks produced “Rock My Soul” which was distributed on the Tuff Gong label of 56 Hope Road. Her next album was “I love Music”, produced by Chris Stanley for Mountain Music. Then came the beautiful “Marcia” in 1989, produced by Donovan Germane for Penthouse Records. In 1990, the third album from Bob & Marcia, “Really Together” was released in London by I-Anka Records. That album contains songs which were produced by Bob Andy in the mid- seventies. The Fourth CD pairing Bob & Marcia, “ Sweet Memories,” was also produced by Bob Andy, and released in London, seven years later.

    In 1991, came the revival of a single “Electric Boogie” that was written and produced by Bunny Wailer, some eight years earlier. It became a huge hit surfacing on the Bill Board Charts. Her album “Carousel” followed for Mango Records who had originally issued the single in 1983. “Carousel” was produced by the American team of The Jerks (Raphael, Joe & Larry).

    During the 90’ several unauthorised albums appeared on the international market, that has still not been adequately or accurately accounted for.

    In 1995 the popular album “Indomitable” was released, produced by Donovan Germain for the Penthouse Label. Two years later she released “Land of Love”, again for Donovan Germain. It was followed by the self-titled “Marcia Griffiths” in the -Collection Series, again on the Penthouse Label. Marcia’s most recent releases are the classic “Certified,” produced by Willie Lindo for VP Records and her newest release, a compilation entitled “Reggae Max”, released by Jet Star Records . She continues to record for Donovan Germain, Beres Hammond and Lloyd Campbell, and she is also doing some new works with Bob Andy.

    Additionally, Marcia has recorded duets with, Bob Andy, Tony Gregory, Free I, Jimmy Riley, Bunny Rugs, Beres Hammond, Mikey Spice and Cocoa Tea.


    Tracklist :
    1. Steppin' Out In Babylon
    2. Where Were You
    3. Peaceful Woman
    4. Sweet Bitter Love
    5. Why There Is No Love
    6. The Way I Feel About Yo,
    7. I'm Hurting Inside
    8. It's Impossible
    9. Give And You Get
    10. Where Is The Love


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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Reggae
    Sortie : 2002
    Durée : 60min

    Par  "loyl" pour http://www.amazon.fr

    Un grand écran, un son sur 4 enceintes, voilà les ingrédients qu'il vous faut pour passer un moment inoubliable en compagnie d'un des plus grands reggaeman du monde.
    Vous ne pourrez pas passer à coté du charisme "mystique" d'un Peter TOSH impressionnant, du style à la Hendrix du guitariste,du batteur en trance, du bassiste super excité ni des percussions qui ajoutent au raggae de TOSH tout son attrait.
    A noter un public un peu mou(subjugués par le talent de Peter dira-t-on ...)
    A passer en boucle !!

    Tracklist :
    01. Intro / Creation
    02. Pick Myself Up
    03. African
    04. Coming In Hot
    04. Not Gonna Give It Up
    06. Rastafari Is
    07. Where You Gonna Run
    08. Glass House
    09. Equal Rights / Downpressor Man
    10. Johnny B. Goode
    11. Get Up, Stand Up

    hd dvd rw

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    Origine du Groupe : Jamaica
    Style : Reggae Roots , Dub
    Sortie : 2002

    By http://www.reggae-reviews.com

    One of the ever-evident truths you face when choosing a reggae album to purchase is that you can't go wrong with a Blood and Fire release.  Or should I say re-release?  This label never ceases to amaze me at their ability to scour the depths of studio vaults, back alleys, under producers' beds, wherever to bring to light overlooked and/or out-of-print reggae from the '70s and early '80s.  And this stuff is always good.  You'd think that at some point, they'd either: 1) run out of material to uncover, or 2) relegate themselves to releasing less-than-stellar work just for the sake of releasing it.  But such a situation has yet to arise, as evidenced by the wonderful I Can Hear the Children Singing, which collects two albums previously unavailable on CD: Prince Alla's Heaven Is My Roof and Junior Ross's Babylon Fall.  Prince Alla is easily the more well-known name (thus his face is plastered on the album cover), having already had a Blood and Fire retrospective of his '70s work in Only Love Can Conquer.  I hadn't previously heard of Junior Ross and thought that his album might consist of DJ versions of the Prince Alla tracks, but actually he is a singer himself, and the rhythms don't carry over from Alla's album to Ross's.  So what's the connection between the two albums?  Well, aside from the artists having grown up together in the Greenwich Farm neighborhood of Kingston, both sets were produced by DJ/producer  Tappa Zukie.  Indeed, I Can Hear the Children Singing is as much a showcase for his production talents -- as he crafts a truly vintage, Golden Era-roots reggae sound -- as it is for the singers and musicians (including a who's who of the time: Sly & Robbie, Santa Davis, Bingy Bunny, Chinna Smith, Augustus Pablo, Headley Bennett, Ansel Collins, Tony Chin, et al).  Fans of Prince Alla's Only Love Can Conquer should undoubtedly scoop up his classic 1978 debut album Heaven Is My Roof (released under the name Ras Allah).  Despite different producers (Bertram Brown did the tracks on Only Love Can Conquer), Alla's angelic voice is consistent throughout both discs, his expressive vocals effortlessly floating through placid yet unwaveringly righteous cuts like "Funeral," "Go Down in Silence," "Jah Jah Bird," and the title track, and perhaps peaking on the evocative "Slave Master" and the refreshingly lovers rock-toned "Go to School."  From start to finish, this is the real deal for fans of '70s roots.  Despite relative obscurity, Junior Ross proves that he's worthy of co-billing with Babylon Fall, a 1992 collection of singles he recorded for Tappa Zukie between 1975 and 1977 under the name Junior Ross & The Spears (The Spears occasionally claiming Prince Alla himself as a member).  Babylon Fall starts out every bit the equal of Heaven Is My Roof -- with the electric "Judgement Time" (borrowing elements of The Abyssinians' "Declaration of Rights"), the epic sound of "Man From Zion" and "Send Me Over There," plus the melodic "Rough Way Ahead" and "Jah Love."  The second half of this disc isn't quite as sharp, however, hurt somewhat by the inclusion of a dub ("African Border") and a DJ version ("Freedom fe Natty") of "Liberty," which already wasn't one of the best tunes here.  Plus, Ross's voice just isn't as distinct or as appealing as Alla's.  Still, he constructs some wonderful roots melodies that compliment Tappa Zukie's vintage rhythms well.  

    Engineer : Prince Jammy & Phillip Smart & King Tubby
    Mixing Engineer : Scientist
    Producer : Tappa Zukie
    Vocals : Junior Ross & Prince Alla
    Drums : Sly & Santa Davis
    Bass : George Fullwood & Robbie
    Guitar : Chinna & Tony Chin & Bingy Bunny
    Keyboards : Augustus Pablo & Keith Sterling & Ansel Collins & Gladstone Anderson
    Horns : Bobby Ellis & Vin Gordon & Headley Benett
    Percussions : Scully Simms & Sky Juice

    Tracklist :

    Cd 1
    01 - Prince Alla - Bosrah Extended
    02 - Prince Alla - Funeral Extended
    03 - Prince Alla - Go Down In Silence
    04 - Prince Alla - Slave Master
    05 - Prince Alla - Gold Diver
    06 - Prince Alla - Heaven Is My Roof
    07 - Prince Alla - Daniel In The Lions Den 12
    08 - Prince Alla & Tappa Zukie - Black Man 12 Mix
    09 - Prince Alla - Jah Jah Bird
    10 - Prince Alla - Go To School
    11 - Prince Alla - Just One Way

    Cd 2
    01 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Judgement Time Extended
    02 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Man From Zion
    03 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Send Me Over There 12 Mix
    04 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Bow Down Babylon 12 Mix
    05 - Junior Ross & The Spears - You Cant Run
    06 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Rough Way Ahead
    07 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Jah Love Extended
    08 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Liberty
    09 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Freedom Fe Natty (Feat. Tappa Zukie)
    10 - Junior Ross & The Spears - African Border
    11 - Junior Ross & The Spears - So Jah Jah Say
    12 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Hold Them Prophecy Extended
    13 - Junior Ross & The Spears - Babylon Fall Extended


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