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    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Alternative , Folk , Psychedelic
    Sortie : 2011

    Par  Frantic pour http://www.paperblog.fr

    The Blue Seeds vient présenter son nouvel album Belt of Venus le jeudi 28 avril. Traitant de solitude, de fuite, de désirs et désarrois amoureux, sans toutefois renoncer à l’espoir, les textes de François Dufault se veulent toujours aussi imagés et bien ancrés dans la musique. Portrait d’une réalité existant entre la lumière et la noirceur, entre le jour et la nuit, voici un album sorti tout droit de la ceinture de Vénus.  

    Enregistré à Montréal au Breakglass Studio ainsi qu’au studio Ricochet, Belt of Venus est le résultat d’une constante évolution de la formation qui se remarque autant dans la composition que pour l’enrobage sonore. Ainsi, alors qu’on reconnaît immédiatement le spleen planant associé au groupe dans certaines pièces comme « Might As Well Dream » et « Far Away », d’autres comme « Exit Light », « Ghost Song » et « Sixteen Days » mettent en lumière un nouveau visage du groupe : le groove.

     Toujours aux commandes des guitares, François Dufault et Roger Miron découpent les rythmes avec des sons mordants et texturés alors que Eric Rathé enrobe le tout avec de riches sons de claviers à la fois psychédéliques et harmonieux. La voix chaleureuse d’Amélie Laflamme et son interprétation empreinte d’émotion nous livre chaque récit parfois avec intimité, tantôt à grand déploiement. Notons aussi la collaboration spéciale de Sophie Trudeau (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mount Zion) au violon.



    Tracklist :    
    1.Exit Light 04:19    
    2.Passing By 03:38
    3.Might As Well Dream 03:02
    4.Shine 03:36    
    5.Ghost Song 04:23    
    6.Voices 03:49
    7.Sixteen Days 04:00    
    8.A World Left Behind 04:38
    9.Far Away 05:10



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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_EKV3pONpn_s/Swhx5JvzqbI/AAAAAAAACEU/VLN--Fnuexo/s1600/Michel+Camilo.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Dominican Republic
    Style : Jazz , Piano
    Sortie : 2007

    By Rick Anderson from http://www.cduniverse.com

    After 20 years of developing his chops as a trio player, pianist Michel Camilo took a few years off to do other things -- a solo album titled Solo and a lovely orchestral homage to George Gershwin were two results of that break. With Spirit of the Moment he returns to the trio format, and he sounds refreshed and happy to be back. As always, his style is powerfully energetic and at times ideas seem to be flying out from under his fingers almost more quickly than he can fully process them. But with the help of a crack rhythm team (drummer Dafnis Prieto and bassist Charles Flores), he manages to keep his feet on the ground and generate lots of inspiring moments. Notable among them are an all-too-brief rendition of the John Coltrane classic "Giant Steps" that sounds almost like "Flight of the Bumblebee," a lovely version of Wayne Shorter's "Nefertiti," and the aptly titled "Hurry Up and Wait," a jittery and edgy uptempo original with a Latin feel. Despite his obvious affinity for faster material, Camilo also shines on the ballads: he delivers sweetly lyrical renditions of "My Secret Place" and "A Place in Time," both of them originals. Highly recommended.


    Tracklist :
    01. Just Now
    02. My Secret Place
    03. Spirit of the Moment
    04. Repercussions
    05. Nefertiti
    06. Nardis
    07. Trilogy
    08. Giant Steps
    09. Place in Time
    10. Hurry Up and Wait
    11. Liquid Crystal
    12. Solar (Explorations)



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  • http://www.borguez.com/uabab/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/David-Solid-Gould-vs.-Bill-Laswell-Dub-of-the-Passover-2011.jpg




    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Reggae , Dub
    Sortie : 2011

    From Official Site :

    "Laswell has worked closely with many of the greatest names in Reggae: Sly and Robbie, Lee Scratch Perry and many others. A Dub Master Supreme, he turns his fabulous creativity to the classic Tzadik release Feast of the Passover. Featuring some of the greatest Passover seder songs, it is perhaps David Solid Gould's most varied and spiritually inspired projects. Connecting the Rasta and Jewish traditions through the miracle of music, Laswell's imaginative dubs are the perfect background to anyone's 21st Century seder. Moody, atmospheric and essential!" - John Zorn

    Tracklist :
    1. Divine Dub 5:34
    2. Dub Of Affliction 3:43
    3. Dub Questions 3:20
    4. Dub Plagues 4:59
    5. Jah Dub 3:23
    6. Dub Is Mighty 3:38
    7. Who Knows Dub? 4:12
    8. Goat's Dub 3:18
    9. May The Dub Arise 3:48
    10. Once We Were Dub 2:39
    11. Peace Dub 3:46
    12. Next Dub In Jerusalem 4:40



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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-BGuBD8tFwbk/TW0YH4RHEYI/AAAAAAAABgY/hffVEbJWj8g/s1600/Mr_Moods_-_In_Love_We_Trust_And_We_Hate.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Abstract Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2011

    From http://dustedwax.org

    Originally released on Dirtybird Rexx netlabel in 2007, here comes "In Love We Trust... And We Hate" with 6 bonus tracks.
    Melancholic, extremely atmospheric, chilled, phat and jazzy - the signature of Mr. Moods you never go wrong with!

    Tracklist :
    1.Intro 01:36    
    2.A romantic affair 04:13    
    3.The birds (feat VPD) 04:02    
    4.A little something 04:11    
    5.The only one (feat.VPD) 04:56    
    6.Daylight 03:49    
    7.Tribute to mario lanza 04:48    
    8.Interlude 00:53    
    9.The endless story 04:39    
    10.Apologize to... 03:45    
    11.For a moment 04:59    
    12.Sensuality 04:29    
    13.L.O.V.E. 03:38    
    14.Before you die 03:44    
    15.Flying things 04:08



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  • http://www.rawablues.com/gallery/29_RBF_Rod_Piazza_LR_12.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues Rock
    Sortie : 2009
    Duration : 75min

    From Official Site :

    Don't make the mistake of thinking of Rod Piazza as one of the "young turks" of the blues, or part of the "new generation" of blues greats. At this point in his career, Piazza has been recording longer than his mentor George "Harmonica" Smith did, or Sonny Boy Williamson (either of them!), or Big Walter Horton. He's been making records for more years than Little Walter was alive. Piazza is a tried-and-true, dyed-in-the-wool blues veteran with credentials that are second to none.

    From his first recordings as a leader in 1967 fronting The Dirty Blues Band, through his multiple W.C. Handy Award winning with his current band The Mighty Flyers, to his countless appearances both live and on record with legendary blues figures, Piazza has set a standard for harmonica virtuosity that has established him as one of the most influential living blues harp players. He's consistently surrounded himself with players who bring out the best he has to offer, and epitomize the very best in blues: fresh, swinging, tasteful, exciting and creative. The core of his band has been together for over three decades, and developed the kind of musical telepathy that simply cannot exist without years of experience on the bandstand and in the studio. The Mighty Flyers are a well-oiled machine, with Piazza in the driver's seat.

    Born in 1947, Piazza's infatuation with blues began at a time when many of the masters were still in their prime years, and in the mid 1960s when the first blues revival was picking up steam, he was in the thick of it. By the 1970s, he'd already released five albums, and was one of the leading lights of the West Coast Blues scene. In the early '70s he joined forces with Otis Spann disciple Honey Alexander (now his wife) on piano, and when they formed the Mighty Flyers over three decades ago, his career really hit its stride. Since then Piazza and the Mighty Flyers have won or been nominated for just about every award that can be bestowed upon a blues band, played literally thousands of gigs around the world, recorded over a dozen highly acclaimed releases, and along the way virtually created a new style of blues - a combination of low-down Chicago grit, suave West Coast swing and jazz, and the rhythmic drive of the best early R&B and rock & roll. Quite simply, Rod Piazza and The Mighty Flyers are one of the best, most experienced, and most distinctive bands in blues today.


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