• Martin Campbell - Can better really come



    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Reggae
    Sortie : 2000 (1994-1999)

    From Official Myspace :

    The Man on His Music
    Martin Campbell outlines his philosophy on the music that he arranges, produces and sometimes sings, “My main aim is to continue to build and provide Roots-Reggae rhythms with a certain ‘feel’ or character for artists to voice. I think that the pace of the World is moving too fast and sometimes it’s nice just to slow the tempo a little. There’s plenty of the usual styles of music around, but I’d like to try and preserve something that’s more lasting and more permanent. After all, why should everything sound the same? It just becomes boring and staid.”

    Tracklist :   
    1-Can Better Really Come
    2-Wicked Still Conquering
    3-I Love A City
    4-The War Must Cease
    5-Long Suffering
    6-The Way
    7-Never Give Up
    8-Talking's Taken Over
    9-Train To Zion
    10-Match To My Fire
    11-Four Horsemen
    14-Time Keeps Moving On
    15-War & suffering
    16-Your Love



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