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    Origine du Groupe : France
    Style : Jazz
    Sortie : 2010
    Durée : 60min

    Par http://www.nancyjazzpulsations.com

    Figure incontournable du jazz moderne français, Manu Katché est marqué par un sens inné du rythme et du groove et un jeu est à la fois élégant et délicat. Grandissant aux cotés de Sting, Jan Gabarek ou Peter Gabriel, la figure jazz d'Arte a depuis enchaîné les Victoires de la musique et été nommé Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres. Le 14 octobre, le batteur était à Nancy sur invitation de Nancy Jazz Pulsations pour présenter son troisième opus —Third Round ; un album qualifié de «thématique jazzy et magnifiquement mouvant» par le quotidien anglais The Guardian.

    Le lendemain, nous pouvions lire dans l'Est Républicain le point de vue de Guillaume Mazeaud sur la prestation du batteur : Manu Katché [...] dialogue gentiment avec le public [...] attendant le dernier morceau pour un solo brillant [et] laisse la vedette au seul instrument mélodique de son quartet, soprano-ténor les deux sax en si-bémol successivement embouchés par Petter Wettre. La partie fut un peut longue à s'emballer [...] Pourtant, plusieurs pièces brillantes et enlevées ont ravi le public [...]

    Réalisation : Jean-Marc Birraux / Supermouche Productions.
    Coproduction : FRANCE Ô, VOSGES TELEVISION Imagesplus

    Line Up :
    Manu Katché : Batterie
    Tore  Brumborg : Saxophone
    Jason Rebello : Piano
    Pino Palladino : Basse
    Jacob Young : Guitare

    Tracklist :
    01 Morning Joy
    02 Being Ben
    03 Shine and Blue
    04 Senses
    05 No Rush
    06 Novembre 99
    07 Lovely Walk
    08 Keep On Trippin
    09 Song For Her
    10 Clubbing

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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Jazz , New Orleans Jazz , Vocal
    Sortie : 2010

    By rfccbh   from http://rfccbh.blogspot.com

    Produced by New Orleans torch, blues, and jazz chanteuse, Meschiya Lake, the Little Big Horns debut release, Lucky Devil, leaves listeners feeling satisfied. Artfully recognizing traditional style with an intensity and energy that delights audiences of any age. This album, an instant classic, accurately represents the current movement joining musicians and dancers.

    For the past few years, on any given day, tourists and residents walking on Frenchmen or Royal streets would have been treated to the throaty warble of Meschiya Lake floating atop a cornet, trombone or sousaphone. This year?

    "I can't even get a spot on the street anymore," Lake says, laughing. Not that she's complaining. "I don't want to wake up at three in the morning to get a spot. I have."

    As the gigantic voice of the ubiquitous New York City/New Orleans jazz collective Loose Marbles, Lake, 30, was as much a downtown fixture as Grandpa Elliott or Mr. Okra — a distinctive star belting out Depression-era standards, surrounded by a crescent of ratchet-tight string, brass and rhythm players. Writer Dan Baum profiled the group in a glowing New Yorker piece in May 2007, but a potentially greater honor came that summer, on its annual pilgrimage to Manhattan's Washington Square Park. "That was our office," Lake says. "We got voted by the drug dealers as the best band in the park. That was a very momentous occasion for us. They're listening to it all the time."

    Now, with her spin-off band the Little Big Horns, Lake is stoking the embers of another extinguished tradition: the social dance and floor show. Every Monday at Mimi's in the Marigny, the Little Big Horns turn back the clock, reanimating Jelly Roll Morton, Bessie Smith and Duke Ellington as some of the city's best swing dancers instruct left-footed locals on the twists and twirls of the Charleston and Lindy Hop.

    "We're all friends," Lake says. "They come to the Spotted Cat (on Tuesdays), too — pretty much every gig we have. Which makes the energy of it incredible. When they're not there, I miss them."

    For the release of the Little Big Horns' self-issued debut, Lucky Devil, Lake and a clutch of dancers (including NOLA Jitterbugs' Chance Bushman and Amy Johnson and Fleur de Tease's Trixie Minx and Alley Oops) are transforming the pit at One Eyed Jacks into their own personal ballroom. "Old-timey entertainment," Lake says. "Three sets, four performers. The last one's going to have two, for the grand finale. Between the performances people are going to strut their stuff on the dance floor. One Eyed Jacks is the perfect place for it."

    Captured during two sessions in December and January at Tatiana Clay's historic 511 Royal St. residence, Lucky Devil contains a mix of Lake's treasured classics and two originals, the swinging "Do For Myself" and Spanish-tinged "Slowburn," that hardly feel out of place. "Singing those songs for a living the last few years, you get to know the form of it," she says. "Once you know the form, you can apply it."

    Lake, whose first weekly gig came at age 9, covering Patsy Cline and Tanya Tucker for country fans at the Elk Creek Steakhouse & Lounge in Piedmont, S.D., says it wasn't luck that led her to Jelly Roll Morton's childhood home at the corner of Frenchmen and North Robertson streets, where she's lived since February. Morton's "Sweet Substitute" is a Little Big Horns live staple and the ninth track on the LP.

    "I would call it fate," she says. "My landlord is a man named Jack Stewart, who also plays in the New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra. He's owned it since 1976, as Section 8 housing. He got a grant from the historical society to renovate it and we moved in.

    "He's excited that jazz musicians and dancers are in there," Lake adds. "He was super stoked that we even knew who Jelly Roll Morton was."


    Line Up :
    Meschiya Lake - vocals
    Jason "Uncle Jack" Jurzak - sousaphone, bass, percussion
    Charles "The Butcher" Halloran - trombone
    Shaye Cohn - cornet
    Luke Winslow King - guitar
    Winfeild "Tuba Skinny" Newton BUrdick IV - banjo
    Mike Chief Sitting Voelker - drums, percussion
    Special Guests:
    Peter Loggins - washboard
    Cassidy Holden - percussion
    Aurora Nealand - soprano sax
    Neti Vaan - violin
    Tom McDermott - piano

    Tracklist :
    1. I'm Alone Because I love You      3:42              
    2. I Ain't Got Nuthin but the Blues     4:00           
    3. Do For Myself     3:24           
    4. Slowburn     4:15           
    5. Backwater Blues     5:02           
    6. Comes Love     3:15           
    7. Lucky Devil     4:54           
    8. The Curse of an Aching Heart     4:10           
    9. Sweet Substitute     3:23           
    10. Gimme a Pigfoot     3:17           
    11. Joseph! Joseph!     3:03


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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Jazz , Guitar , Vocal
    Sortie : 2008
    Durée : 72min


    By http://www.jazzloft.com

    The TV show presented here, which opens with Pass playing alone on six wonderful tunes, was made during a European tour that took place some months before the recording of their second album as a duet, titled precisely Fitzgerald & Pass Again, taped on February 8, 1976. Thus, it presents some tunes that would be part of that LP, making this program (and probably the whole tour) a kind of rehearsal for the songs to be included on the studio album.
    Tracklist :
       1. Laura
       2. Wave
       3. My Funny Valentine
       4. You Stepped Out of a Dream
       5. You Turned the Tables On Me
       6. Darn That Dream

    Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass:

       1. You Turned The Tables On Me
       2. Cry Me A River
       3. Nature Boy
       4. You Are the Sunshine of my Life
       5. Avalon
       6. Stormy Weather
       7. One Note Samba
       8. The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
       9. How High The Moon


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    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Jazz
    Sortie : 2004

    From Wikipedia :
    Diana Jean Krall, OC, OBC (born November 16, 1964) is a Canadian jazz pianist and singer, known for her contralto vocals.[2] She has sold more than 6 million albums in the US and over 15 million worldwide; altogether, she has sold more albums than any other female jazz artist during the 1990s and 2000s. On December 11, 2009, Billboard magazine named her the second Jazz artist of the 2000–2009 decade, establishing herself as one of the best-selling artists of her time. She is the only jazz singer to have eight albums debuting at the top of the Billboard Jazz Albums.[3] To date, she has won three Grammy Awards and eight Juno Awards.

    Tracklist :
    01. Intro
    02. Stop this world
    03. The Girl In The Other Room
    04. Narrow Daylight
    05. Temptation
    06. Interview
    07. Love me like A man

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  • http://img.snowrecords.com/lp/4/33214.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Jazz
    Sortie : 1975

    By http://www.jazzloft.com

    This is another debut album of a young talent that came out of Nils Winther's NY recording trip of '75. Michael Carvin - who had played in numerous Motown recordings with the label's stars like Stevie Wonder - was beginning to be recognized also as a jazz drummer on the New York scene playing in the Hampton Hawes Trio in the early 70s.

    As the leader of a band consisting of the Big Apple's rising stars, Carvin cut an album with "an overwhelming feeling of sheer musical competence...." (Jazz Journal). Features Sonny Fortune.


    Line Up :
    Sonny Fortune (alto sax, soprano sax)
    Calvin Hill (bass)
    Cecil Bridgewater (trumpet)
    Ron Burton (piano)
    Michael Carvin (drums)

    Tracklist :
    1. Osun
    2. Naima
    3. Kwebena's Blues
    4. M. C. Blues
    5. The Camel
    6. Billy Boy
    7. Osun


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