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    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2011

    By Alex Dwyer from http://www.hiphopdx.com

    If Black Magic was the apology for the stab at commercial success of Heavy, Daggermouth is the explanation to the outright embarrassment of Armed To The Teeth.

    If Black Magic was the apology for the stab at commercial success of Heavy, Daggermouth is the explanation to the outright embarrassment of Armed To The Teeth.

    Over the last dozen years, Swollen Members perfected a brand of abstract rap disturbia. Two classics, two flops, and one comeback later, the MCs from the darker side of Northwestern America, have more explaining to do. 2009‘s move to Suburban Noize Records saw the end of S&M’s Battleaxe Records. What followed was an absolute howler of an album called Armed To The Teeth. If Black Magic was the apology album for the shameless stab at commercial success of 2003‘s Heavy, Dagger Mouth is the explanation album to the outright embarrassment of Armed To The Teeth.

    A hefty amount of Dagger Mouth’s burden falls on the shoulder’s of the Misguided Angel, Mad Child. The Rocksteady Crew affiliate candidly admits to a multi-million dollar opiate dependency in each of the album’s 16 tracks. “Thought I wanted to be king so I wore a crown/ started from the bottom, built an empire and tore it down,” he confesses on the Transformer-themed “Fresh Air.”

    Mad Child, is somber, regretful and, at times, completely unconvinced about his own recovery. “The Shining,” opens with, “I’m feeling like I wanna die,” before he goes on to qualify himself as an addict through “heroin and tin foil” plain speak. Prevail seems lost in certain instances. During his verse on “The Shining,” Prev 1’s joke lines feel jarring, “I’m classic Old Spice/ you are Spice Girl scary.” Still, this palpable paranoia and train-of-thought lunacy lay nicely together as contraries within the album’s trademark Swollen sound.

    Handling Dagger Mouth’s entire production, the group’s longtime tour DJ Rob The Viking, revisits the Vancouver chamber drums and chords that extract the best of both MCs. Along with the almost-kitschy “Fresh Air” instrumental, Rob gains experimental wins with the drip-drop single “Mr. Impossible,” and the pudgy pendulum rhythm on “The Predator.” Rob takes the right kind of risks on the lengthy, “White Python/Black Tarantula/Sound of the Drum.” The beat evolution and shifting thought patterns of each MC heighten the nuanced track as a standout. “Fire” hints at the circus pace that kicked Black Magic into another gear, but that never feels possible during this release.

    Label mate and fellow comeback architect Saigon features on the album finale, another version of Giddy’s “Bring Me Down.” Mad Child concludes, “Sharpen up my axe/ and I am back/ I’m here to sever heads/ compulsive obsessive, I’m also aggressive/ my mouth is the message, my life is a lesson, my pulse is a blessing.”

    Dagger Mouth is about pain. It’s an admission of guilt, a therapy session, and a shred of light on one of rap’s darkest group’s darkest moments. And it is, without a doubt, an explanation


    Tracklist :   
    1. Do Or Die
    2. The Shining
    3. Fire
    4. Mr Imposible
    5. Calming Of The Beast (Interlude)
    6. Moonshine
    7. House Of Sin
    8. Chemical Imbalance
    9. Night Vision
    10. Fresh Air
    11. War Money
    12. The Predator
    13. Devil
    14. White Python-Black Tarantula-Sound Of The Drum
    15. Electric Chair
    16. Bring Me Down (Swollen Mix) (Feat. Saigon)


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  • http://cdn.2dopeboyz.com/m.php/2009/12/20091222-GREENHOUSE.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Hip Hop , Abstract Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2009

    From http://passionweiss.com

    The tag team of Blueprint and Illogic is the fulfillment of message board fantasies circa ’02. Eight years later, the second part of their Electric Purgatory collaboration has elicited mostly crickets around the Internet, save for the Bloggerhouse Crew. Then again, we now live in a UserShare universe, based on page views and one-sentence summaries. No need to offer a dull inside baseball diatribe about why everyone abandoned their backpacks.  The reasons for their lack of critical vogue are complex. Blogs thrive on the me-first mentality that allows them to brand artists as their own. Internet tastemakers would rather crown obscure regional acts than tout two veteran indieground dudes prone to abstract flights of fancy. Columbus consistently gets no love. And y’know, times and tastes change.

    I begrudge no one the right to their personal preference. But I will mourn the fact that I get besieged by PR e-mails hyping the Fader love for Young Gully’s Definition of Gas mixtape, when there is no oxygen in their universe for two of the best Underground rappers of the last decade. Maybe they should’ve swapped that Aesop Rock guest spot for one with Yung Moses. Or at least employed an over-priced publicist to help exhaust the hard drive space of collector’s who consume but rarely contribute.

    Granted, there is nothing sexy about Electric Purgatory. There is no high concept contrivance that will allow them to rise above the cluttered media landscape. Writing about it will not earn any bragging rights. It’s just well-constructed rap music: intricate and intelligent lyrics about the fleeting nature of fame, what their art means to them, and obtuse invective aimed at “the mediocre”–backed by the sort of eerie claustrophobic beats that used to be the Underground’s bread and butter. They rap well and for the right reasons. And “Keep It Live,” with Aesop Rock, is one of my favorite songs of the year.

    Too often criticism ignores the the consistent in favor of the spectacular and sporadic–it prizes the novel over the dependable. After all, that’s human nature. But that doesn’t mean that Blueprint and Illogic deserve electric purgatory–quite the contrary. It’s the sort of thing they deserve to be paid for. Instead, they’re giving it away for free. On their Band Camp, they wrote the note, “all we ask is that if you like it, PLEASE share it. Post it on your facebook page, retweet it, post it on your myspace, etc. If you have a blog, please post the download link there. We would like the music to reach as many people as possible, and for that we need your help, even if it’s just one person.” So that’s what I’m doing.



    Tracklist :
    01- gettin there [03:00]
    02- boys to men [04:44]
    03- cold out here feat. the catalyst [05:00]
    04- interlude [01:34]
    05- damn [04:06]
    06- never gonna make it feat. zero star [04:39]
    07- the next generation [05:25]
    08- gettin there (instrumental) [03:01]
    09- boys to men (instrumental) [04:44]
    10- cold out here (instrumental) [05:02]
    11- damn (instrumental) [04:07]
    12- never gonna make it (instrumental) [02:33]
    13- the next generation (instrumental) [05:23]


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  • http://lowerplayground.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/guante.jpg?w=497&h=497



    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2010

    by  Uncategorized from http://lowerplayground.wordpress.com

    AN UNWELCOME GUEST is a hip hop concept album from Twin Cities producer BIG CATS! and rapper GUANTE. Over fifteen tracks, the album tells the story of one man moving from east to west in the wake of a man-made disaster and his own personal tragedy. Also, there are zombies.

    The album features guest appearances from HALEY BONAR, PROLYPHIC (of Strange Famous Records), BIG QUARTERS, CHASTITY BROWN and ERIC BLAIR (of Hyder Ali and No Bird Sing). Through the album’s unique narrative frame, these artists join Guante in exploring issues of displacement, authority and the difference between the violence of the oppressor and the violence of the oppressed. Also: zombies.

    Tracklist :   
    01 Stories
    02 If It Bleeds, It Leads
    03 The National Anthem (feat. Haley Bonar)
    04 The Stockholm Syndrome (feat. Prolyphic & Big Quarters)
    05 Raindrops In A Hurricane
    06 No Capes
    07 Welcome to the Border (feat. Chastity Brown)
    08 With Great Power
    09 A Hug From A Stranger
    10 Red States
    11 Dragons
    12 Like The Dead Running
    13 Yes, God Is A DJ: No, Not A Good One (feat. Eric Blair)
    14 The Damp, Foggy Midnight
    15 End Credits


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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_ctz6r_8AYoA/TExUPMKj4qI/AAAAAAAADhk/uooOTZnumAI/s1600/Portada.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : Mexico
    Style : Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2010

    by MCF  From http://www.cabezasunderground.com

    El nuevo material de Guerrilleroz, grupo de rap de Monterrey, Nuevo León, por fin está disponible en descarga gratis. Se nota la madurez tanto en las producciones como en las líricas, el estilo de guerrilleroz siempre ha sido bastante purista y en esta ocasión lo reafirman sin disfraces, algunos beats me remiten a DJ Muggs vs GZA como influencia directa.

    Lo que más me gustó de este disco es que las temáticas se salen de lo común en el rap mexicano, "Donde jugarán los gangstas" que aborda el tema del racismo. En cuanto a colaboraciones destaca una con Serko Fu, hay otra con Apathy que para mi pasa sin pena ni gloria.

    En resumen este es un excelente disco de rap duro, que no busca encontrar el hilo negro ni nada por el estilo, pero cumple su cometido al 100%. Tracklist y descarga después del brinco.


    Tracklist :   
    02.Recuento De Los D-Años
    03.Operación 2Mil10
    04.Hasta Que La Muerte Nos Separe
    05.¿Dónde Jugarán Los Gangstas?
    06.155 Segundos De Barbarie con Apathy
    07.Compas En Crimen
    08.Cambia El Script con Serko Fu
    09.Un Trago Al Suelo
    10.Nadie Nos Detiene con Soldados Del Reyno
    11.GRRZ No Está En Venta
    12.Como Sin Nada
    13.Gracias (Outro)
    14.Hijos De Su Pinche Madre (Bonustrack)


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  • http://bandcamp.com/files/30/30/3030178386-1.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : Canada
    Style : Hip Hop , Abstract Hip Hop
    Sortie : 2010

    DOOM a cappellas + DSTR beats = DOOMSTR EP

    This is not a real collaboration with DOOM. It is a mixtape / mashup EP.
    released 10 July 2010
    Produced & Recorded by DSTR / deStar
    Scratches on "Air (Money Bag Remix)" by DSTR / deStar
    Exec. Producer Christian Bélanger
    Design Christian Bélanger

        Recorded in Montréal (Québec) CANADA, at The Crib Studios.
        Made In Canada
        © DSTR 2010

    Tracklist :   
    1.It Ain't Nuttin' (Climaxin' Remix) 03:01
    2.Vomitspit (Sugar Shack Remix) 02:01
    3.Air (Money Bag Remix) 02:25
    4.Melody (Lord Have Mercy Remix) 01:44
    5.Rock Co.Kane Flow (Gorillas In The Mist Remix) 01:13
    6.Climaxin' 02:43
    7.Sugar Shack 02:01
    8.Money Bag 02:25
    9.Lord Have Mercy 01:44   
    10.Gorillas In The Mist 01:13


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