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    Origine du Groupe : Belgium
    Style : Nu-Jazz , Lounge , Downtempo
    Sortie : 2006

    From http://www.undomondo.com

    Who doesn’t love some uptempo nujazz with a female vocalist? Suitable for the sunny days trend started a post ago, here’s Briskey, brain child of Gert Keunen, a journalist, record company manager and concert promoter from Holland.

    The band is a six-piece including a flugelhorn on some songs and you’ll realize how much the music is rooted in the 30s 40s big band era, in the first few seconds of “White would be Tacky“, the brasswork is very groovy here. The second song has an incredible rimshot beat and wailing brass, and I think that’s the main reason I chose this song over others. There are many more good songs on this album, and the album has a high fun factor, a decent pop-nujazz album. Check out if you like bands like Herbaliser, De-Phazz, St. Germain or labelmates Buscemi.

    Tracklist :   
    1 Kosmo And Yahoodi (Charivari remix) (6:30)
    2 Terra Notta (4:07)
    3 Accroche Toi Ninochka (4:59)
    4 You've Got Some (Under The Sofa) (6:35)
    5 La Stupenza (5:16)
    6 Blind-Sided Caboodle (4:34)
    7 White Would Be Tacky (3:43)
    8 Mocking Ducks (6:06)
    9 Sweltering Sirocco (3:47)
    10 Two Orphans In A Storm (4:59)
    11 Kosmo And Yahoodi (5:48)
    12 Humphrey's Donut (6:10)


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    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Downtempo Nu-Jazz , Trip Hop , Lounge , Electro
    Sortie : 2010

    [Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0]






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    By http://netlabelsrevue.blogspot.com

    Voici le genre de production de qualité à laquelle on est habitué de la part du netlabel iD.EOLOGY mais dont ne se lasse pas. Il s’agit cette fois d’un album de downtempo, soul, jazz vocal, absolument irrésistible et que les amateurs ne se priveront pas d'aller découvrir. Le genre de petite chose qu’affectionnerait sans doute Gilles Peterson, tant la musique de Tracing Arcs rappelle ce qu’on peut entendre sur les compilations du fameux DJ anglais.
    Ultra facile à écouter, rempli de sonorités chaleureuses et porté par la voix sensuelle et puissante de Fran Kapelle, ce disque fait partie, incontestablement des plus belles réussites du netlabel allemand depuis sa création.

    By http://www.ideology.de

    English: According to popular belief, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some it is all about a slick, symmetrical surface, an immaculate appearance. Others find beauty in moments of truthfulness when they recognize themselves in their counterparts.

    On their iD.EOLOGY debut Tracing Arcs combine both aspects into a thrilling aesthetic overall experience. As soon as the first notes hit your ears, a film noir starts rolling in your head. Classy triphop beats, elaborate jazz-chords and deep upright basses skillfully sketch out a closed-off world in subtle shades of black. With the dark attraction of a femme fatale, the nuanced and seductive voice of Fran Kapelle enters the scene, inevitably putting the listener under her spell. With every word of the sometimes cryptic, sometimes promising lyrics he keeps falling for her further and without notice, he's become a detective in his own case, delving deeper and deeper into a secret that lies hidden within.

    Whatever the findings may be, one thing is as sure as fate: when self-awareness happens through an album as euphonic and exciting as this, then just about any beholder of your choice will have the same words for it: beautiful, so beautiful.

    Deutsch: Einer verbreiteten Ansicht zufolge liegt Schönheit im Auge des Betrachters. Für Manche besteht sie vor allem in einer glatten, symmetrischen Oberfläche, einem makellosen Äußeren. Andere finden Schönheit eher in Momenten der Wahrhaftigkeit, in denen sie sich selbst im Gegenüber erkennen.

    Auf ihrem iD.EOLOGY Debut verbinden Tracing Arcs beide Aspekte zu einem eindringlichen ästhetischen Gesamterlebnis. Sobald die ersten Noten erklingen, beginnt im Kopfkino ein Film Noir. Edle Triphop-Beats, raffinierte Jazzharmonien und tiefe Standbässe zeichnen gekonnt eine abgeschlossene Welt in subtilen Schwarzschattierungen. Die nuancierte, verführerische Stimme von Fran Kapelle durchwirkt die Szenerie mit der dunklen Anziehungskraft einer Femme Fatale und zieht den Hörer unweigerlich in ihren Bann. Mit jedem Wort der mal kryptischen, mal verheißungsvollen Texte verfällt er ihr mehr und mehr und wird - ohne es überhaupt zu bemerken - zu einem Detektiv in eigener Sache, ganz versunken in der Suche nach einem Geheimnis, das in ihm selbst verborgen liegt.

    Was auch immer man schließlich vorfindet, eines ist gewiss: wenn Selbsterkenntnis durch ein so wohlklingendes und aufregendes Album wie dieses entsteht, dann wird so ziemlich jeder Betrachter dafür dieselben Worte haben: beautiful, so beautiful.


    All Tracks composed, recorded, mixed & produced by Tracing Arcs

    Tracing Arcs are:
    Fran Kapelle - Vocals/lyrics
    Paul H. Addie - Keyboards/Programming
    Violet M. Williams - Backing Vocals (Tracks 1,2,4,6)
    Terry Pack - Acoustic Bass (Tracks 3,7)

    Artwork by Sir Pinski


    id063_frontcover_klein.jpg id063_backcover_klein.jpg id063_cdlabel_klein.gif
    Download Frontcover
    Download Backcover
    Download CD-Label
    Cover-Artwork by Sir Pinski

    Tracklist :
    01. Deep Breath           
    02. Consequence of Love    
    03. Pebbles & Weed    
    04. So Beautiful    
    05. Sheep & Tides (for Big Al)    
    06. Wildworld    
    07. Recovery 


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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World
    Style : Electro Ambient , Downtempo , Lounge , Alternative
    Sortie : 2010

    La première le nouvel album Andrzej Smolik. Il s'agit de la quatrième artiste album et sur elle SMOLIK chanteurs extraordinaires: sexy Emmanuelle Seigner, mystérieux Kev Fox, excellent Gaba Kulka, romance Natalia Grosiak (Mikromusic), connu pour ses concerts et exotiques Smolik Sqbass Joao T. De Sousa. A la "4", vous pouvez également entendre les chanteurs célèbres des précédents albums Smolik: soulowego Victor Davis, Mika Urbaniak extraordinaire captivante Kasia Kurzawska (SOFA).

    by http://www.kayax.net

    Tracklist :   
    01. S.O.S Songs (feat. Gaba Kulka)
    02. Not Always Happy (feat. Joao T. De Sousa)
    03. Memotion (feat. Mika Urbaniak)
    04. Forget Me Not (feat. Emmanuelle Seigner)
    05. V Girl feat. (Victor Davies)
    06. Never Sing The Love Songs (feat. Kasia Kurzawska)
    07. Piratsong (feat. Sqbass)
    08. Fades Away (feat. Natalia Grosiak)
    09. A Fotografia (feat. Joao T. De Sousa)
    10. L.O.O.T.T (feat. Ker Fox)


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    Origine du Groupe : Germany
    Style : Trip Hop , Downtempo , Alternative
    Sortie : 2000

    This cd was picked up for me by a friend and I not only find it truly relaxing but amazingly done. It reminds me slightly of Portishead, Mono.....it's very trip hop and the lyrics are really good. Track 10 is amazing...throughout the whole cd it is female vocals but on Track 10 (Try) it is male vocals and I would have to say it's my favorite song on the album. I would totally suggest picking this up. It's wonderful to relax to.


    Tracklist :   
    1.Rebirth Part One
    2.Killing Time
    4.Weak Sense
    5.Lsd 23


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  • http://betterpropaganda.com/images/artwork/And_Everything_Else-Nobody_480.jpg



    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Alternative , Downtempo , Electro
    Sortie : 2005

    I’m relieved that, as bad as things seem to be, people are still making desert island discs in America. By desert island discs, I don’t mean Signals, Calls and Marches. As writer Jeff Koyen noted back in the ‘90s: what the fuck would one need punk rock for on a desert island? Good, angry rock is the sound of mainland claustrophobia. Under our sad circumstances, it makes for an easy emotional attachment. But it’s all context. If you’re on a desert island and you’ve got an adequate food supply, you may as well relax and recall certain aspects of the mainland fondly, if at all.

    Somebody makes perfect music for that, and that good soul employs the handle Nobody. The first record was good. This one’s better. It’s got a more refined musical palate and a more defined sense of humor.

    Within the first 10 minutes, you’ve already got a blasé cover of the Flaming Lips’ “What Is The Light?” In Elvin Estela’s hands, W. Coyne’s prog-rock Bic flicker becomes a rickety mix-‘n’-match that rattles toward its conclusion seemingly by coincidence. The beat drops hard, and his sometime-colleagues in Beechwood Sparks and the Aislers Set pop in to help out.

    “Wake Up and Smell The Millennium” takes a tack even less conceptually aggressive, running Curt Boettcher’s music over an unassuming beat and pretty much leaving it be. It works because Estrella is smart, smart enough to know when he needn’t flash his skills. He reminds us by counterexample why so many “turntablist” records are so unlistenable.

    The balance runs the gamut, from the delightfully askew “Poor Angular Fellow” to the Spanish toast “Con Um Relampago” to the stomping “Go Go Interlude Go” to the wistfully Nico’d “You Can Know Her” (which features the understated vocals of forever up-and-coming balladeer Mia Dia Todd).

    “Beat science” has been so thoroughly integrated into every corner of popular music, one barely notices it here. The rhythms that anchor And Everything Else are no more auspicious than gravity. For the most part, it sounds like giddy, faux-innocent psychedelia filtered through a kaleidoscope, moody but never mopey.

    I’ll bring this to the island. You bring Everything Went Black. We’ll see who leaves with fewer unnecessary ulcers.

    By Emerson Dameron

    Tracklist :
    1. the coast is clear (for fireworks)
    2. what is the light?
    3. spin the bright sun rose
    4. go go interlude go
    5. poor angular fellow
    6. tilijem's forrest
    7. you can know her
    8. jose de la rues!!!
    9. con un relampago
    10. wake up and smell the millennium
    11. tori oshi
    12. siesta con susana


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