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    Origine du Groupe : France
    Style : Electro Jazz , Drum & Bass , Nu-Jazz
    Sortie : 2001

    Par Thibaut  pour http://www.trip-hop.net

    Uht c'est un trio composé de deux DJs et un contrebassiste. Ici les scratch en tout genre se balladent sur un fond de drum'n bass où les cordes d'une contrebasse agile ne cessent de vibrer. Jazz, funk et dub fusionnent sur cet album pour donner naissance à des morceaux entrainants tels que "Only U" ou encore le fabuleux "Funky Morning". En bref, une excellente production qui donne un souffle nouveau à la drum'n bass.


    Tracklist :
    1. Mr K
    2. Only U
    3. Nino's Breaks
    4. Ventoline
    5. Décembre
    6. Pic de Pollution
    7. Funky Morning
    8. Is That Brazil ?


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    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Electro , Alternative , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , Afro House
    Sortie : 2003

    From http://www.cduniverse.com

    Dance music fusions can be dodgy propositions. Too often, an artist will substitute a little knowledge (or a few presets) for a faithful study of what makes another form of music special. Da Lata, the Brazilian beat project formed by longtime DJs and producers Chris Franck and Patrick Forge, scored right off the bat with the 1998 single "Prá Manha," plus an accompanying album (2000's Songs From the Tin). Their second proper full-length, Serious, expands on the promise of the first and proves that Da Lata are one of the few capable of an intriguing, long-lasting dance/world fusion. Already balancing the organic and the electronic in splendid fashion, Franck and Forge (plus master programmer/engineer Toni Economides) invited a few respected names for collaborations. The opener, "Serious," features vocals from broken beat veteran Bembe Segue and Palm's own Mamani Keïta over a brisk Afrobeat number that stretches out with great work from accordion and trombones. "Distracted Minds" is the showcase, a brilliant, haunting fusion of Africa and Brazil matching Senegalese master Baaba Maal with Nina Miranda from Arkestra One. "Firefly," practically the only track with a clear predecessor, takes on Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters-era "Watermelon Man," with Franck and Forge contributing whistles, ocarina, berimbau, pandeiro, shakers, and tres. ~ John Bush

    From the afro-house vibe of 'Serious' to the Gotan Project-like sound of 'Something', this album takes off in directions that the first record only hinted at. The trio has assembled a beautiful collection of modern Latin interpretations, taking their influences from the forms of bossa nova and baio.

    Tracklist :
    1. Serious
    2. Breathe
    3. Alice (No Pais da Malandragem)
    4. Reeling
    5. Firefly
    6. Distracted Minds
    7. Something
    8. If U Don't Know
    9. Can It Be?
    10. Nuts
    11 Serious (Seiji Instrumental mix)
    12 Serious (Seiji Vocal mix)


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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Electro , Electronic , IDM , Ambient
    Sortie : 2011

    Kemonogatari (EP) by Renzu


    From http://musicavermella.com

    Always with new additions, Música Vermella is pleased to release an EP with four tracks by Renzu, from Chicago, in a curious mixture of IDM, techno and Japanese folk smells, with the aim to make music that illustrates other worlds and fantastic characters.

    Renzu is presented after several publications on their own, like "Across the threshold," Reiha "or" Artificial Girl ", which you can download, among others, from their website.

    Tracklist :
    01 - Nine Tails
    02 - Fox Fire
    03 - Sash Reflection
    04 - Kemonogatari



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    Origine du Groupe : V.A World
    Style : Abstract Electro , Alternative , Trip Hop , Remix , Instrumental
    Sortie : 2004

    Par Dude pour http://www.trip-hop.net

    Complément indispensable de la Retrospective Zen CD (chronique à lire ici), cette Retro Remix tient un nombre de raretés et de curiosités à faire pâlir ceux qui croyaient connaître par coeur Bonobo, DJ Food, Coldcut ou Mr Scruff.
    On accueille ici, dans l'ombre, Cornelius, Fourtet (sur Bonobo !), Manitoba, Domu, Like Vibert (superbe reprise de " Turtle Soup " de DJ Food), et d'autres noms majestueux, comme Squarepusher (sur le " Scratch Yer Head " de DJ Food, encore)... ou Frédéric Galliano sur Irrerisistible Force. Saluons particulièrement la reprise de " All That You Give " de Cinematic Orchestra par Dr Rockit (en fait, Herbert himself !).
    Les fans d'Herbalizer seront surpris d'entendre l'hymne hip-hop " Something Wicked " (this way !) en salsa-bossa, transformant l'énigmatique en festif. Ceux de Coldcut seront en trip complet sur la reprise d' " Autumn Leaves " par Irresistible Force purgeant toute l'orchestration en lui faisant gagner quelques kilomètres d'altitude... Idem pour le remix de Kaleidoscope de "The Crow" (initialement DJ Food) : franchement, 7 minutes 50 de bonheur...
    Des tas de surprises vous attendent dans ce double-CD aux ressources inattendues, où les stars du label se croisent et se recroisent, tantôt remixeur, tantôt remixé. Avis aux amateurs et aux confirmés : "'la Retrospective de Ninja est à l'image du label. Exhaustive, fourmillante, exacerbée''.

    Tracklist :

    CD1 :
    1. Coldcut - Atomic Moog (Cornelius mix)
    2. DJ Food - Scratch Yer Head (Squarepusher mix)
    3. East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (Squarepusher mix)
    4. Bonobo - Pick Up (Fourtet mix)
    5. 2 Player - Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ mix)
    6. Mr Scruff - Sweetsmoke (Manitoba mix)
    7. DJ Vadim - USSR Reconstruction (Jamie Hodge mix)
    8. DJ Food - Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert mix)
    9. Fog - Pneumonia (Coldcut mix)
    10. Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give (Dr Rockit mix)

    CD2 :
    1. Cinematic Orchestra - Evolution II (Mr P mix)
    2. DJ Food - Consciousness (Ashley Beedle mix)
    3. Cinematic Orchestra - Man With The Movie Camera (Domu mix)
    4. Ashley Beedle - Heaven & Earth (Remix)
    5. Herbaliser - Something Wicked (Herbaliser Bossa mix)
    6. Chris Bowden - Crockers & Killers (Easy Access mix)
    7. Irresistible Force - Fish Dances (Frederic Galliano mix)
    8. DJ Food - The Crow... (Kaleioscope version)
    9. The Herbaliser - Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge (DJ Food mix)
    10. Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force mix)

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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Electro , Dubstep
    Sortie : 2009

    by snf  From http://dubstepped.net

    This killer EP is fresh out this week on Subway Records by Noah D out of Portland.  The A1 tune Seeeriousss has been played by basically everyone worldwide and while it’s the stand-out tune of the EP for me the rest are no joke either.  Unknown Suspect VIP is excellent, and “Got U Now” is another to look out for.  Check out these samples and see links to buy it on wax below.  Digital should be out in a couple weeks.  Noah D get back down to San Francisco!  Look for him live soon in Portland, Philly, at Burning Man, and in Cleveland.  There’s also a European tour soon to be announced in conjunction with this EP.

    Tracklist :
    1 — Seeeriousss (04:24)
    2 — Twister (05:20)
    3 — Unknown Suspect (VIP) (05:18)
    4 — Got U Now (05:21)
    5 — Vibrationz (05:26)
    6 — The Edge (05:27)


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