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    Origine du Groupe : U.K
    Style : Nu-jazz , Downtempo , Lo-Fi , Alternative
    Sortie : 2011

    By Colin Buttimer   from http://www.bbc.co.uk

    Nostalgia 77 is the working name of Benedic Lamdin, a prolific producer who's produced 11 albums in a variety of guises since 2004. His music encompasses everything from sample-based compositions to collaborations with real, live musicians of the calibre of Keith and Julie Tippett, amongst others. The Sleepwalking Society, the fourth Nostalgia 77 album, very much falls into the latter category, this time placing the German singer Josa Peit centre-stage.

    Album opener Sleepwalker states its case with emphatic rhythm, bluesy vocals, winds and roaring organ while Golden Morning delights with its softly played snare drums, wood-toned double bass and Peit's hushed yet heartfelt vocals. Mockingbird features lyrical sax that falls like dappled sunlight on a melancholic ode to loneliness which slowly disappears into silence.

    Strings introduce Cherry and then pause to reveal plucked acoustic guitar and Peit's clear-toned lament before picking up the melody and carrying the song through to its end. The tonal colour of the entire album is a sepia-edged cyan: encompassing as it does a reflective range of jazz and folk-inflected blues that explores the uncertainty of life and the hurt of failed relationships. The Sleepwalking Society ends with Hush, an almost nine-minute threnody that wistfully sounds out one last aftermath at a stately pace.

    Throughout the album, Lamdin's production offers a sense of clarity and understated confidence. The sound distantly connects to 4hero's later work in its exploration of new-found acoustic song-form developing out of a background of programmed beats. Married to that is a clear focus on percussion and its priority in the mix. Although actually released on Tru Thoughts Records, The Sleepwalking Society could also have found a comfortable home on Germany's Compost Records alongside the likes of Clara Hill, Koop and Micatone.

    Tracklist :
    01. Sleepwalker
    02. Beautiful Lie
    03. Simmerdown
    04. Golden Morning
    05. When Love Is Strange
    06. Blue Shadow
    07. Mockingbird
    08. Cherry
    09. Hush


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  • http://justfunked.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/1301219076_bajka-escape-from-wonderland-300x300.jpg


    Origine du Groupe : India , Germany
    Style : Nu-Jazz , Electro , Electronic , Downtempo , Remix
    Sortie : 2010

    Par BooyakaA   pour http://www.lastfm.fr

    Bajka (prononcez Biker), B. Pluwatsch, est né en Inde de parents allemands, le 25 décembre 1978. On parle de Bajka à la fois en tant que poète et en tant que chanteuse. Actuellement elle vit à Munich en Allemagne. Son parcours est rythmé par les voyages, elle vit tour à tour en Afghanistan, au Népal, au Pakistan, et en Afrique du Sud. Elle fera ses études à Goa, Bangalore, Lagos, au Portugal, à Seattle, Durban, et Capetown.
    Fille de J Pluwatsch, un membre du ‘German Krautrock band Embryo’, Bajka étudie également la musique à Prague. Sa relation avec l’Asie reste le thème principal de ses poèmes. On la retrouve exercer ses talents de spoken-word sur pas mal de projets, dont nottament « Transglobal Underground’s ‘Instinctive Traveller’ » et « South African Zulu Nation’s ‘Bubblegum’ ». Elle chante aussi aux côtés de « Noujum Oazza » et ses musiciens ‘Urban Devish’, et puis pour l’Orchestre Royal du Maroc. Son timbre de voix profond et particulier est teinté de jazz et de soul, récemment on la retrouve sur pas mal de collaborations avec la scène electro (Bonobo, Radio Citizen…). Elle se fait connaitre du grand public grâce à ses apparitions sur le dernier album de Bonobo « Days to Come ».

    Tracklist :
    01. True (Bahama Soul Club Remix)
    02. The Beaver’s lesson (Mop Mop Jamaica Remix)
    03. The Bellman’s Speech (Valique seaside Remix)
    04. The Baker’s Tale (Fab Samperi Remix)
    05. The Hunting (Solo Moderna Remix)
    06. The Landing (Bebo Best Remix)
    07. The Banker’s Fate (Minimatic Remix)
    08. The Barrister’s Dream (Renegades Of Jazz Remix)
    09. The Vanishing (Dr. Rubberfunk Remix)
    10. The Beaver’s lesson (Smoove Remix)
    11. The Bellman’s Speech (Jojo Effect Remix)
    12. The Hunting (Club des Belugas Remix)
    13. The Barrister’s Dream (Basement Freaks Remix)


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  • http://www.littlem.eu/alvik/alvik_promo-web-images/alvik_titul_opt.jpeg



    Origine du Groupe : Czech Republic
    Style : Electro Jazz , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , Nu-Soul
    Sortie : 2008

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    From Official Myspace :
    Founded in 2001 in Prague, Czech Republic, Alvik has become a driving force behind the best sounds resonating in Europe today.

    Alvik was built on their performances in Prague'ss smaller jazz clubs before graduating to larger halls, playing across Europe and touring the Czech Republic and the United States . With this growth the group's sound has evolved into its present form with a style which is as easy to listen to as it is hard to define.

    Alvik is the perfection of elements brought by each of its members: front singer and songwriter-singer Anya Stuart, who has helped the band cross into the international scene with her North American roots; Bharata Rajnosek, hornman who cuts between sax, flute and trumpet; Petr Tichy, compelling stand-up bass player, Mishan Pajdiak on drums and samples from Prague and Audun Nedrelid, with his Norweigian fingers gracing the keyboard.

    Together, Alvik breathes a new kind of jazz that transgresses a wide variety of styles and tempos from abstract hip-hop to broken beats to drum and bass and Latin rhythms.

    Over the years Alvik has developed more into a project. Hosting few concerts per year in their native Prague or at European festivals, Alvik thrives on the on-stage convergence of the many guest artists involved in the project. Starting in 2004 with an intense collaboration with the Apollon Quartet and Jazz legend Emil Viklicky, Alvik has continued work with their original bass player Martin Zpevak, and added many other names to the list such as Norwegian hornman Oyvind Svendsen, American vocalist Tonya Graves and Czech pianist/flutist Vitek Pospisil.

    Most recently Alvik has enjoy a cooperation with Slovakian jazz drummer Martin Valihora , who played as a guest on their E.P. Cold June (2007) as well as the greater part of the Forms Apart album (October 2008).

    The collaboration spirit in Alvik continues well into the studio as they have had remixes done by artists from Prince of Tennis to Ishfaq

    Tracklist :
    04.On Air On Skin
    05.Final Next
    07.Samba In Paris
    09.Cold June
    11.Got My Self
    12.Trent Beat


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  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-zGM5RsLUME/S8LryBHobhI/AAAAAAAABq4/XrMjg0O7l_o/s1600/Rare_and_Cheese_-_Jazz_Police.jpg

    Note :



    Origine du Groupe : Hongry
    Style : Hip Hop Jazz Downtempo
    Sortie : 2010

    (cc) by-nc-nd


    | release date: 29-Mar-2010 | produced & mastered by: Rare | artwork by: Veni Galabova |

    Rare and Cheese bring us back to the golden years of hip-hop. "Jazzpolice" comes with beautiful frisky jazzy cuts,
    lo-fi beats, scratches and wise funky stories right from the street. If you dig the early 90s sound of A Tribe Called Quest,
    Lord Finesse, Main Source and Compton's Most Wanted, this album is for you!

    <script src="http://dustedwax.org/javascript/header.js" type="text/javascript"> </script>

    01. Randomfunk (02:04)
    02. Jazzpolice (03:12)
    03. Movin' (02:15)
    04. Jazz 20 (03:16)
    05. Havin Fun (01:56)
    06. So Called Game (02:08)



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  • http://www.trip-hop.net/images/jacquettes/big/447.jpg

    Note :


    Origine du Groupe : France
    Style : New Jazz , Fusion Electro Jazz , Rap Fusion
    Sortie : 2001

    Ce cd est le fruit même du mélange du jazz et de toutes autres sortes de musiques."Eric Truffaz revisité" est un remix des anciennes musiques des précédents albums avec toujours cette extraordinaire mélange de Jungle,drum&bass,jazz classic,moderne,rap,bass.MAIS en plus de ceci,des spécialistes de l'électronique se sont associés au quartet(Mobile in motion,Pierre Audetat,goo,Alex Gopher,...) Ce cd vous pationnera très certainement.Ecoutez ces vrais artistes qui vous emmèneront dans un voyage au coeur des rencontres musicales.

    Par wassin

    Tracklist :
    1. Mobile In Motion - The Dawn Part I
    2. Pierre Audétat - Less
    3. Alex Gopher - Bending New Corners
    4. Pierre Henry - More
    5. Goo - Siegfried
    6. Bugge Weisseltoft - Sweet Mercy
    7. Mobile In Motion - The Dawn Part II



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