• Briskey - Scarlett Road-House




    Origine du Groupe : Belgium
    Style : Nu-Jazz , Lounge , Downtempo
    Sortie : 2006

    From http://www.undomondo.com

    Who doesn’t love some uptempo nujazz with a female vocalist? Suitable for the sunny days trend started a post ago, here’s Briskey, brain child of Gert Keunen, a journalist, record company manager and concert promoter from Holland.

    The band is a six-piece including a flugelhorn on some songs and you’ll realize how much the music is rooted in the 30s 40s big band era, in the first few seconds of “White would be Tacky“, the brasswork is very groovy here. The second song has an incredible rimshot beat and wailing brass, and I think that’s the main reason I chose this song over others. There are many more good songs on this album, and the album has a high fun factor, a decent pop-nujazz album. Check out if you like bands like Herbaliser, De-Phazz, St. Germain or labelmates Buscemi.

    Tracklist :   
    1 Kosmo And Yahoodi (Charivari remix) (6:30)
    2 Terra Notta (4:07)
    3 Accroche Toi Ninochka (4:59)
    4 You've Got Some (Under The Sofa) (6:35)
    5 La Stupenza (5:16)
    6 Blind-Sided Caboodle (4:34)
    7 White Would Be Tacky (3:43)
    8 Mocking Ducks (6:06)
    9 Sweltering Sirocco (3:47)
    10 Two Orphans In A Storm (4:59)
    11 Kosmo And Yahoodi (5:48)
    12 Humphrey's Donut (6:10)


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