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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues
    Sortie : 2005

    Magic Slim & the Teardrops - You Got To Pay
    envoyé par thegonedu69.

    Magic Slim & the Teardrops - Crazy Woman
    envoyé par thegonedu69.

    Magic Slim is the greatest living proponent of the intense, electrified, Mississippi-to-Chicago blues style that spawned much of the music played by modern blues artists and rockers alike. Its no wonder that Magic Slim & The Teardrops, considered by many to be "the last real Chicago blues band," have become one of the busiest and best-loved touring units today. This live recording, taped in 2005 at the Sierra Nevada Brewery, showcases Slim's slashing, vibrato-drenched guitar, mountain-moving vocals and presents an authentic South Side, back-alley excursion into the true blues.

    by  http://www.amazon.com

    Tracklist :   
    1. I'm A Bluesman
    2. The Man You Need
    3. Goin' To Mississippi
    4. Please Don't Dog Me
    5. Mind Your Own Business
    6. I Ain't Looking For No Love
    7. You Got To Pay
    8. I Need Lovin'
    9. Shake It
    10. Crazy Woman
    11. I Don't Believe You Baby
    12. Black Tornado

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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues Rock
    Sortie : 2001

    Deborah Coleman detected a void in the music stratum and successfully filled it: A lead guitarist/vocalist playing the in the male dominated world of blues-rock. Others like Bonnie Raitt and Marie Muldaur have contributed to varying degrees in the contemporary blues scene (and other styles) but Coleman with her string of five consistently strong albums in only seven years demonstrates that she is serious about her craft and knows her calling as a blueswoman. Livin' on Love combines slow-grind blues pieces, R&B and gutsy rockers with a soulful voice and exemplary guitar playing proving that she's here to stay, not merely passing through.

    by Dave Sleger for http://www.cduniverse.com

    Tracklist :
    1. Livin 'On Love 3:49
    2. You're With Me 3:32
    3. Light Of Day 3:41
    4. Memory Lane 4:08
    5. Crazy 3:54
    6. Bending Like A Willow Tree 3:51
    7. Happy When You're Unhappy 4:32
    8. Don't Talk In My Sleep 4:01
    9. Heaven's Got The Blues 3:32
    10. Torn In Two 3:32
    11. Deserted Highway 4:22



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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues Rock
    Sortie : 2010

    Robert Cray may be a gloriously reliable musician when it comes to live performances, but he has become decidedly erratic when it comes to album releases. For 30 years America’s most successful contemporary blues guitarist and singer-songwriter didn’t release a live album, but now there have been three in just four years. In 2006 there was Live from Across the Pond, recorded at London’s Royal Albert Hall when he was opening for Eric Clapton (rather confusingly, the title wasn’t changed for its UK release). Two years later came Live at the BBC, featuring 1988 and 1991 recordings from London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Now comes yet another live album (which is also his first live DVD release), recorded earlier this year in Mobile, Alabama.

    As expected, it’s an impressive set that provides further reminders of why the hard-working and versatile Cray is such a popular live performer. But his followers should check their CD collections before purchasing, for he repeats a lot of both his most recent and best-known material. Four of these songs appeared on last year’s studio album, This Time; four more were on his Across the Pond set; and two on the BBC album. That old favourite from 1986, Right Next Door, appears on all three live albums.

    Cray has succeeded by creating a style of his own, mixing blues with anything from soul to rock and gospel. He has his critics, who find his approach too cheery or lacking in edge for a blues singer, and there are certainly passages here where he eases off with laidback, relaxed songs like the soulful Lotta Lovin’ and the ballad I Can’t Fail. But he’s also capable of pained and emotional vocals, as on Our Last Time, and he’s an inspired guitarist.

    The high points include his pared-down treatment of Sitting on Top of the World, a song made famous by Howlin’ Wolf and BB King, and – best of all – the live treatment of Chicken in the Kitchen. A slow blues, concerned with sex, cooking and infidelity, it builds to into a magnificent instrumental work-out, with Cray’s guitar sparring with the keyboards of Jim Pugh, who has been playing an increasingly important role in this excellent band.
    By Robin Denselow.
    It’s hard to imagine being a perpetually broke member of the middle class and still having more money than sense but that’s the only conclusion I can draw when I do something like what I did this week.  Dave Ramsey would probably spontaneously combust if he saw what I spend a month on music and I’m fine with that because I have a few choice words for him, too.  He’ll die richer and we’ll both be dead.  Maybe he’s having fun.  I hope so.  I know I am.  That said, even I have trouble justifying this latest stunt of mine.

    I plunked down to buy the latest live album from Robert Cray, whose previous work has left me mildly dissatisfied.  It’s one thing to spend money buying music you like but my addiction to the musical gods has become so great I’m buying shit I don’t like.  I started to get worried.  Why would I do such a thing?

    Maybe it was the Alabama connection, as the live album was recorded in Mobile.  Maybe it was seeing a CD/DVD package for .99.  I’m sure the vast amount of blues listening, writing, and coverage I’ve been doing here on the site played a part in it too.  I don’t know what it was exactly, but I felt compelled to roll the dice on Cookin’ in Mobile, secure in the knowledge I’ve wasted more money on dumber ideas.

    What some have heard as too smooth, polished, polite, and formulaic has also been praised as an elegant, stylish blend of blues, soul, R&B, and gospel.  Listeners in both camps will find plenty to bolster their respective argument although I daresay his detractors might be surprised by what they hear.
    He still has the sweet high-register voice after all these years and the stylish guitar leads that have sometimes felt too clean or restrained on record are extended and played with just a little more grit, grease, and fire here, whether playing newer songs like “Love 2009″ and “Anytime” or songs from his Strong Persuader album like “Smoking Gun” and “Right Next Door.”

    Speaking of Cray’s lone crossover hit, we’ve seen many an artist grow weary of playing their hit or hits.  I don’t know how many times over the past 23 years he’s gotten tired of that “well-known smoking gun” but on this night he performed “Smoking Gun” with ease and intensity.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long and amazing to hear him still able to hit every one of those notes.   He adds some fierce guitar licks to the precise vocal phrasing, giving fans that came out to hear this song in particular something to remember.

    Cray indeed cooked in Mobile, so much so that the only complaint to lodge against this set is that it leaves you wanting more than 12 songs and 75 minutes.
    By Josh Hathaway.
    In the 1980s, when rock music took a slick turn and anyone playing the blues was kind of poo pooed, several artists carried the torch until the rest of the music world woke up from their hairspray-induced coma and rediscovered the blues. The two most prominent were Stevie Ray Vaughan and Robert Cray. Cray’s status is often overshadowed by the flashier Vaughan, but his place in the annals of blues rock is just as important as the deceased guitar god from Texas. The Robert Cray Band has continued to put out solid, plucky albums (18 so far) since their debut in 1980, while still dazzling audiences with their phenomenal live concerts. That expertise of the Robert Cray Band is on full display throughout Cookin’ in Mobile, this new CD (a DVD of the same concert is also available).

    Recorded earlier this year at the historic Saenger Theater in Mobile, Alabama, Cray and his solid backing band of Jim Pugh on keyboards, Richard Cousins on bass and Tony Braunagel on drums, deliver a tight set of songs that rock the house right from the get go with the opening scorcher “Our Last Time.” Classic hits like “Right Next Door” and Cray’s signature song, “Smoking Gun,” are opened up for extended jamming between the musicians. The latter clocks in at over seven minutes as Cray decides to school his audience on what blues rock guitar sounds like. Elsewhere throughout the album, Pugh takes the spotlight, in particularly on “One in the Middle,” which has a killer organ solo by Cray’s longtime sideman.

    While the album may appear to look short with just 12 songs on it, in actuality, only two of them clock in at under five minutes. What you get on Cookin’ in Mobile is a real concert experience, with the band giving the songs new life from their studio counterparts. You may not be able to see each pained expression Cray gives when making his Fender sing, but you can feel the passion from his playing on every track. If you’ve never had the opportunity to catch the Robert Cray Band in concert, Cookin’ in Mobile is a fine place to start.

    By Scott Malchus  for  http://route66sl.wordpress.com

    Tracklist :   
    01. Our Last Time 6:32
    02. Anytime 6:02
    03. Love 2009 6:44
    04. Right Next Door 6:34
    05. Chicken In The Kitchen 6:48
    06. Sitting On Top Of The World 4:19
    07. One In The Middle 9:30
    08. Lotta Lovin' 5:34
    09. Smoking Gun 7:15
    10. I Can't Fail 3:41
    11. That's What Keeps Me Rockin' 4:59
    12. Time Makes Two 7:03

    Robert Cray- Guitar, Vocals
    Jim Pugh- Keyboard
    Tony Braunagel- Drums
    Richard Cousins- Bass

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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues
    Sortie : 2009

    This DVD presents 75 minutes of raw blues from vocalist Tail Dragger with his Chicago Blues Band live from Rooster's Lounge on the west side of Chicago. If you want to experience a typical Saturday night at the Lounge, this is the next thing to being there. Tail Dragger takes his mic and wanders around the room, singing in his gravel-mouthed style, stopping here and there to plead his relationship blues to a variety of (mostly) females (with the guys looking on from their perspective). There are times when I would like to see him move on to a different gal, as he sometimes seems to play up to one for too long. However, his audience has come to expect this and delights in wondering who his next "victim" will be. This is not blues-lite or blues-rock. The band provides a solid shuffle backing throughout the set, although I would have preferred one less of the two guitarists. I like guitar, but sometimes there can be too many in the sound mix. Special guest Jimmy Dawkins steps in, taking the place of one, and plays guitar with the band on one number, "Wander", and has a welcomed sound. In fact, the appearance of Jimmy Dawkins on this DVD was probably the main reason I bought it, and I would like to see an entire DVD such as this devoted to Dawkins with backing band in the future. Otherwise, I was very impressed with the band's Martin Lang on blues harp (harmonica). On every number, he provided a sincere, enthusiastic backing, helping to create a true-blues sound. The video is shot from a variety of angles, and the videographers deserve praise for being able to keep up with the pacing Tail Dragger. All in all, this is a DVD for those that want to see and feel the raw blues in the proper venue.

    by  Blue Ox "Al"   permalink

    Tracklist :   
    1. Louise (7:34)
    2. Talk (0:55)
    3. Baby Please Don't Go (5:03)
    4. Talk (0:52)
    5. She's Worryin' Me (8:08)
    6. Talk (0:53)
    7. Stop Lying (4:29)
    8. Keep It to Yourself (4:05)
    9. Talk (0:39)10. Be Careful (6:28)
    11. Talk (0:44)
    12. Wander (3:45)
    13. Talk (0:59)
    14. Bought Me A New Home 6:11
    15. Ooh Baby Hold Me (3:09)
    16. I'm In the Mood (6:16)
    17. Everything Gonna Be Alright (6:17)
    18. Blues With a Feeling (5:51)

    hd dvd rw

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    Origine du Groupe : North America
    Style : Blues Rock
    Sortie : 2000







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    From Wikipedia :
    Popa Chubby, de son vrai nom Ted Horowitz, est un chanteur et guitariste  de blues  et de rock  new-yorkais.

    Originaire du Bronx à New York, son style agressif est influencé par Willie Dixon ainsi que Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Albert King ou encore Danny Gatton créant ainsi une synthèse Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop très personnelle mais transpirant le blues new-yorkais. Comme Calvin Russell, il a beaucoup plus de succès en France qu’aux États-Unis, où il n’est connu que des spécialistes, bien que la situation ait tendance à s'inverser. Son nom de scène est tiré d’une expression d'argot, "pop a chubby", qui veut dire "avoir une érection", mais peut également faire référence à son embonpoint (popa/papa joufflu). Chacun de ses albums est un concept en lui-même : un album de ballades avec des chansons comme Hallelujah, de rock-punk pur ("If the Diesel Don't Get You Then the Jet Fuel Will"), ou encore de blues comme "Back Door Man" où l'on sent bien la patte du "maître . Perfectionniste, c'est le roi des coups de gueule .

    En 2006 il entame une tournée en la commémoration de Jimi Hendrix, celui qui lui a fait découvrir le rock à la radio avec son Purple Haze. Il possède une collection de guitares dont une Fender que le fabricant n'avait pas répertoriée.

    Il joue également de la batterie, qu'il lui arrive de pratiquer sur scène.

    From Wikipedia :
    Walter Trout (born March 6, 1951, Ocean City, New Jersey, United States is an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter.

    Trout's career began on the Jersey coast scene of the late 1960s and early 1970s. He then decided to relocate to Los Angeles where he became a sideman for Percy Mayfield and Deacon Jones. He also worked in the bands of John Lee Hooker and Joe Tex.

    In 1981 be became the guitarist for Canned Heat.[1] This led to an invitation to play in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers where he shared the stage with fellow guitarist Coco Montoya. He left the Bluesbreakers in 1989 and formed the 'Walter Trout Band' which developed a successful following in Europe.

    In 1994 the official Walter Trout Fan Club for the Netherlands and Belgium was founded, followed in 1996 by the official International Fan Club who has members in 14 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. In 2006 the official International Fan club celebrated its tenth anniversary by giving fan club members an exclusive live CD recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was the last performance of the late bassist, Jimmy Trapp, who died in 2005.

    In 1998 Trout released his self-titled US debut album and renamed his band 'Walter Trout and the Free Radicals' (later renamed 'Walter Trout and the Radicals' and currently simply 'Walter Trout'). Since that time Trout has been recording and touring in North America, Europe and India.

    In 2002, he was featured on the Bo Diddley tribute album, Hey Bo Diddley - A Tribute!, performing the song "Road Runner" and many more guest appearances on other recordings.

    The 2006 release Full Circle, meant that Trout realized his dream of creating an album with some of his most admired musicians, including John Mayall, Coco Montoya, and Joe Bonamassa, among others.
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